My week in pictures…

Well this was a fun packed week and this is my week in pictures …!

It started off with celebrating my mums birthday. I didn’t know where we were going because well basically apparently I can’t be trusted to not tell my be fair hands up I would have told her if she asked!

My week in pictures... After my ‘short’ two hour nap I woke up here. Turns out our break was to Sailsbury where we were staying at the Mercure White Hart. After a few hiccups with our rooms- sock over a firealarm (university flashback) we all freshen up. One of the rooms we had was the suite with the massive triple balcony in the photo above.

My week in pictures... I’m going to do a review of our hotel so I’ll link it once it’s live. I can recommend staying in the newer half of this hotel if you come here though.

Next up food! I’m always hungry and ready for food so we took a walk into town and found a bakery called Reeve.

My week in pictures... We don’t have this in Birmingham or Lincoln but I think there are a number of branches. Originally I was only meant to have a cinnamon whirl…that was until I smelt cheese straws! I love cheese so clearly was not going to pass up fresh cheesey pastries and they tasted amazing. (Good decision from me)

Now I didn’t plan my packing too well as I only packed jumpers thanks to it being cold in Birmingham. So of course I had to go shopping.

 I picked up this top from New Look for £3- bargain. Although it is maternity and a few sizes too big I love it for an oversized top and wore it straight away with a maxi skirt.

A lot of you know I love love love coffee.

My week in pictures...So I had a coffee once we got back whilst I got ready for dinner.

Dinner was also prearranged- I wasn’t trusted with the name before going surprise surprise.

The place we ate at is called Anokaa and the food was out of this world. I love Indian food and have eaten a lot trust me. Without hesitation this is the absolute best Indian restaurant I have eaten at. I would happily go back to Sailsbury just to go back. We all shared food so we could taste a few things and every dish was bursting with fresh flavours. Just to top it off the service was also great. If you get a chance you really do need to go here.

The following day was my mums actual birthday so we did presents over breakfast.

My week in pictures... Over breakfast we found out what was on the agenda for the day….Monkey World!

My week in pictures... I love what Monkey World does which is rescue animals. It rescues animals that have been tested on or kept as pets for example. My mum loves watching this programme so was thrilled to visit for herself and we were so lucky with the weather as it was hot all day. The animals here are not made to do anything and have private areas they can retreat to.

We all went out separates ways from here to go home. Travelling back to Birmingham unfortunately took about 5 hours- not a problem for me as I slept (can you tell I can sleep anywhere..).

My sister had nicely got me a few unicorn presents as she knows I love all things unicorn and candles. These are both from Primark if you are jealous they may still have them.

  I returned to some amazing post in the form of Podista hot chocolate pods for my Nespresso.

 I had no idea you could get hot chocolate for a Nespresso till I was sent these. They taste really good and you can make milkshakes with them too. I’m going to order some of the other flavours to see what they are like.

During the week I was invited to The Wellington to try out their Deliveroo service. Basically you can order any food to The Wellington through Deliveroo when you are drinking there and it will be promptly delivered to you. I think this is a fantastic idea and great for when no one wants the same food. I opted to order from Pho and my food took less than 20 minutes. If you’d like to use Deliveroo feel free to use my code and you get £10 credit. I’ll be going back to The Wellington again to do this especially as they had a really nice outside area tucked away at the back.

Towards the end of the week I attended a Dermalogica event at One Day Spa where we found out about the new Phyto Replinish Oil. This goes on sale next month but if you preorder from One Day Spa you’ll get a free travel version too.

 My review of this goes live over the weekend.

I did a bit more pampering in the form of this face mask from Origins. This is a reasonably priced sheet mask at about £6 and I would recommend giving it a try.

Finally the weekend arrived, it kicked off with a coffee and treat..

Followed by Yoga Sweat for a charity event. 

Wearing this cute t-shirt from In Love With Fasion.

All in all I had another great week as you can see from my week in pictures. Next week will be a lot more chilled I think. Hope you’ve all had a great week too. Xxx

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