The Body Shop opening day 

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So I was lucky enough to be invited to two Body Shop events in conjunction with the Bloggers Parlour. If you are a fellow blogger I cannot recommend signing up to hear about events strongly enough! Everything is run by Abbigayle Warner seamlessly without a hitch and who is always happy to help with any questions. I briefly mentioned here that I was attending The Body Shop opening day event.

The Body Shop opening day Here is the lovely lady herself chatting to a fellow blogger.

So the store was opened by St Basils who are a charity that support young people in various ways such as preventing homelessness.

The Body Shop opening day The lady representing the charity cut the ribbon ready for the event. I had a brief chat with her and found it very informative, maybe pop onto their page for a quick read if you have a few minutes?

Once inside my first stop had to be at Oils of Life, I’ve previously done a post here raving about this collection. I am still in love with the sleeping cream and if you haven’t tried it yet you may still be able to get a sample to test if you hurry.

The Body Shop opening day Next up is my all time favourite…

The Body Shop opening day Coconut is one of my favourite scents to use and this has been my favourite oil since I tried it in a beauty box nearly two years ago. This beautifying oil has multiple uses but personally I love putting this on straight after I have got out the shower. It really does leave my skin feeling soft and smells amazing. To me it smells like holiday which is why I think I’m obsessed. A little bit goes a long time no way so at £10 it’s great value as well. If I have flyaway hairs I will sometimes use the smallest amount and smooth them down.

The Body Shop opening day I do remember hemp cream from when I was younger as I had really dry skin from suffering with eczema. I love that when you buy this you can vote towards a cause as well. If you suffer from dry skin anywhere I’d say this cream is a lifesaver. It’s a heavy duty cream rather than an ointment so sinks in relatively quickly and lasts a long time.

The Body Shop opening day Now I didn’t buy this range but it is on my wish, after trying it out in store. I tried the serum and lotion and my skin really did feel lovely. It felt really moisturising without being  too heavy which is exactly what I want in the mornings. At the moment there are some gift sets which actually end up giving you a item free when you buy two but I’m not sure how long the sets will be in stock for (I might have to hurry myself).

After I bought my goodies from The Body Shop opening day I headed next door for a chat with Abbigayle and a fellow blogger.

After a really long chat I have to say I’m really excited about what’s coming next from Bloggers Parlour. I can say I know of two great events happening quite soon so register if you’d like to be involved.

So what are your must buys from The Body Shop? Do let me know what I should try next time I go.


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