Selfridges beauty event 💕

So last Thursday I attended Selfridges beauty event, did anyone else go?

If you didn’t watch out for their next one as I had a great evening. It was a ticket event that cost £10 but this came off any purchase so was basically free since I have no problems finding things to buy here!

There was a free goody bag with purchases over £75 which lets be honest isn’t hard to do (unless you are me and spent too much money on Mac the week before). Around the store there were makeovers and demonstrations going on with lots of gift offers on different counters. In case you don’t know Zoeva is now stocked in Selfridges- this is bad for my bank balance.

As soon as I walked in I was offered drinks and treats. I didn’t sample the meringues but couldn’t say no to white chocolate. These tasted amazing and had a refreshing mango centre. I really need to figure out how to make these so if anyone knows please do tell me. I opted for the berry lemonade instead of fizz, this was much needed after a hectic day in the sun.

Selfridges beauty event My first stop was to Charlotte Tilbury to have a look at the new Instant Look In A Palette.

Selfridges beauty event  I apologise for my photos but I was trying to take these and a dance flash mob appeared (they were amazing by the way). I was really tempted to buy this as the colours are gorgeous and I’d use all of these bar one but I was trying really hard to be good. The only colour that does not show up on me is the bronze but as you can see I have a natural tan although it may still work if I was heavier handed. I have to say these felt lovely to apply and I didn’t notice a lot of fallout.

The blush colours and shadows are gorgeous so I am still tempted to go back and buy it. This is a palette for a very subtle look so I know it won’t appeal to everyone as these are not strong or bold colours unless you are very fair. What do you think?

Here’s a picture of the flash mob- extremely jealous of how fit they all are!

Selfridges beauty event After watching these gorgeous girls do their thing I headed over to Jo Malone to indulge in a hand and arm massage.

Selfridges beauty event I love Jo Malone products as they smell and feel amazing but they also last really well too. So this was the selection of products used on me after I smelt quite a few others- hard choice if I’m honest. I loved the Wood Sage & Sea Salt so much I’ve put the spray on my wishlist for next month. It reminds me of fresh sea air with its musky scent, if you haven’t tried it then you need to next time you are near a stand.

The Earl Grey & Cucumber cologne perfectly complimented the other products used in my massage so I was also tempted by this one too. The scent of earl grey comes through quite strong which I adore. I had this done at about 6.30pm and could still smell it when I went to bed which is amazing staying power isn’t it?

So what did I buy….

Selfridges beauty event This is the only blush from the Vibe Tribe Mac collection I hadn’t been able to get until Thursday so I was thrilled, it’s Adobe Brick. I have now got all the blushes, highlighter, nail varnishes and a lipstick from this collection so watch out for the blog. Spoiler- I love everything I’ve got!

All in all I had a great day at the Selfridges beauty event and I’m looking forward to the next one, did you go? If so what did you think?


12 thoughts on “Selfridges beauty event 💕

      1. I will have to check out this collection! Literally have no time for shopping anymore haha 😛

          1. Hahaha I will definitely have too! I missing out on all the new releases these days xJust ordered it don’t worry!

          2. Yaay, what did you go for? Don’t forget Chris Chang is soon, the Becca/ Jaclyn Hill is quite soon too. So many so close together! I just got the Hourglass summer palette and it’s amazing to use xx

          3. I got the shade Modern Mardarin in the blush and I also picked up the gleamtones powder. I can’t wait for all these releases!

  1. It’s times like this I curse my country living, and want to be closer to shops like Selfridges. Saying that u know I would just bankrupt myself as the temptation would always be there to blow a weeks earnings in one spree 🙈 . The event looked great x

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