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Rose's Beauty StoreWell this is my first Velvetine from Lime Crime and I’ve got this beauty thanks to Rose’s Beauty Store.

The delivery was the next day which I was thrilled with as I ordered quite late. The site sells a lot of American brands so is worth checking out. My Velvetine is in the shade Suedeberry, it’s a lovely colour that pops. I’d say it’s a bright coral/ red pigment and perfect with a tan on holiday or just to brighten up your makeup. For me only one swipe was needed but I’ve done swatches of one and two swipes so you can judge for yourself…

Rose's Beauty StoreThe top swatch is one swipe an the bottom is two. One swipe dried in under a minute and the two took about three minutes. So I had this on a good four hours and it’s not shifted off my lips at all through about 5 cups of coffee and some soup. I’d say that’s really good durability.

Have you tried any Lime Crime Velvetines..or shopped at Rose’s Beauty Store? Xxx

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