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Oils of life by the Body Shop is the latest addition their skincare collection. I’ve got a lot of time for face oils as you may have previously noticed in other posts I’ve done so was excited to try this range..

Oils of life by the Body ShopIt’s the Oils of life by The Body Shop range that includes a few products and out of them I have the Intensely Revitalising Sleeping Cream and Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil. The whole range includes three natural seed oils in the ingredients  which are black cumin seed oil, rosehip seed oil and camellia seed oil. These are samples that the Body Shop are currently giving out so hurry and you many be in luck.

Oils of life by The Body Shop As you can see they are generous sizes and the oil comes with a pipette which does make life easier with an oil.

Starting with the Intensely Revitalising Sleeping Cream which is £28 for 80ml. What the website says:

  • Skin looks and feels:
  • Revitalised
  • More supple
  • Nourished
  • Visibly Rested
  • Reduced appearance of ageing

As fair as sleeping creams and masks go I’ve only used Korean brands and Garnier so I was intrigued to see how would this compare.

The same as with others I’ve tried it does feel cooling when first applied which is something I love about my other sleeping creams. I think this is partly down to its texture which is a cross between s gel and cream. The sleeping cream absorbed quite easily and didn’t have a heavy feeling or leave a residue. The smell is subtle and relaxing due to the essential oil ingredients. So how did it fair overnight…surprisingly well!

So after just one use my skin felt plumped, rejuvenated and hydrated and this continued throughout my use. I can’t comment about reducing the appearance of aging as (touch wood) I’ve not really got any signs of aging. I’ve had five uses out of a 5ml tub so I’d say a little goes quite a long way. If this lasts for roughly 80 days 35p a day (or 35p a ml)…not bad when you work it out like that is it.

I would say this is comparable to the Garnier sleeping cream but I do need to use more of the Garnier. Garnier is £13 for 50ml and generally I can get through a tub in about four of five weeks which works out as 26p a ml. There’s not much difference in price between the two so it depends what you are looking for. If you like essential oils and want some relaxing go for the Body Shop version. However is you are not a lover of this type of scent the Garnier version may be a better option.

Onto the Intensely Revitalising Face Oil which is £28 for 30ml. What the website says:

  • Potent daily facial oil infused with 3 precious seed oils from around the world to give new life to your skin
  • Cold-pressed seed oils to preserve potent properties and ensure the utmost affinity to skin.
  • Made from 99% oils of natural origin
  • Lightweight and quickly-absorbed, non-sticky finish
  • Signs of ageing appear reduced – skin looks revitalised and feels more elastic and firmer*

The main facial oil I have used previously is by Kiehl’s athough I have tried others.

I was intrigued how this would stand up to Kiehl’s… So I applied after cleansing and before my moisturiser as I usually would. It has a similar essential oils smell as the rest of the range which personally I find quite pleasant.

I used 4 drops of this and massaged into my face avoiding the eye area. Just to recap if you haven’t read my previous post on facial oils, these will not make oily skin worse and may indeed help balance it. This particular facial oil can be used day or/ and at night. I found that I needed to give this about ten minutes to sink in which is not a problem at night but in the mornings I do try and rush about.

Overall my skin did feel lovely and soft whilst using this especially with the sleeping cream. Now compared to Kiehl’s which is £37 per 30ml the Body Shop facial oil is £9 cheaper. If you want to try a facial oil with a relaxing subtle essential oil scent then this is a great product to use. If you prefer a slighter stronger scent then Kiehl’s may suit you better. Since I need to use more of the Body Shop facial oil than the Kiehl’s I think the value you actually get ends up being roughly the same.

So has anyone else tried Oils of life by The Body Shop? If so what did you think…? Xxx

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