My week in pictures 📷📸 including outfit of the day

Hope you’ve all had a great week and a lovely weekend? Here is what I have been up to in pictures.

Saturday I popped into town briefly and this was my outfit of the day..

outfit inspoI love this outfit as its just so comfortable and great when I’m not sure how warm it is going to be. I swear I’ve loved denim shirts since I was about 10 and over 15 years later I’m still loving them.

picturesSunday was cinema date day once I’d finished my at least fourth coffee on the balcony…. I love people/ boat watching outside. How gorgeous is this with a little Rosie and Jim perched at the front💞?

Eventually I got ready and for once I wasn’t late with half an hour to spare I fancied a healthy juice so we popped to Harvey Nichols on route to the cinema.

picturesThis honestly tasted amazing, so fresh and just what I needed on a Sunday afternoon after too much coffee (if such a thing is possible). It’s called a Grass Hopper and had apple, celery, cucumber and basil in it- I think.

picturesWe went to watch The Jungle Book at the Everyman cinema which is my favourite because it’s just pure luxury. Each screen has its own private bar as pictured above and there’s waiter service to your sofas (yes sofas). Even the bathrooms are luxurious with marble type tops- is it strange that I took a photo of them? The film itself was amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone!

picturesTuesday the sun came out, yaayyyy! Since I’d been pampering my feet I was thrilled to put the boots away and slip on my Dune slipper shoes.

picturesClearly a bit of sunshine meant cocktails were in order. These tasty treats were elderflower gin, skimmed milk and fresh strawberries, they tasted so refreshing after being stuck in a windowless room all day.

 I had a small haul at TKMax on my way home during the week and have already tried a few things out that I’ll be blogging about in the week.

Does this look familiar? I got it in red two weeks ago along with two of the short sleeved versions. Of course I had to have this when I saw it in black! I find bodies so easy to dress up or down and love the backless style. It was £19.99 from Zara, linking is bad for my bank as I’ve just seen another one that I ‘must’ have!

I’m so excited about this one, I posted my international swap box this week and the top picture is what I sent, the bottom is what the lovely Louise from Australia sent. Look out for pictures of what I sent and what I received once they both arrive in a blog. I don’t want her to see spoilers on here…

picturesThis is what happens when you forget to check the post, to be honest I don’t mind as these boxes really brightened up my day. I love My Little Box for its variety and lifestyle items.  My Little Box is a bit cheaper if you have it delivered to work. There’s discount if it’s your first box with ‘FIRSTBOX’.

pictures Finally I decided to have a makeup sort out, what do you think to my storage?

In the post this week I got my fake makeup which I was excited about as I’ve been wanting to do a blog on fake Too Faced and Mac. Can you tell which is which?

 Finally full circle, yesterday I relaxed while writing this blog and taking more pictures.

How was your week? Did you get up to anything exciting? Send me a link if you have done a week in in pictures too. Xxx

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