My long weekend in photos📷📸

So I’ve had a lot of food this week…bang went my diet clearly as you’ll see from my weekend in photos! However it was all worth it I have to admit. I can’t even pick my favourite day…. Thinking back I’m not sure how I managed to fit it all in either.

weekend in photos Tuesday’s post easter and post lunch ‘snack’

weekend in photosTuesday’s healthy lunch…until I ate a whole egg! 

weekend in photosMonday I went to an amazing shabbychic style wedding. As you can see the food was to die for! I didn’t want to take lots of photos as it was quite an intimate affair. The venue was Stustoke Farm Barns and to be honest would be more than thrilled to have more own wedding there.

weekend in photos  Everything flowed so smoothly without a hitch, and there was no panic that I saw anyway from anyone which is always a good sign. I’d go as far as to say it is the best wedding I’ve been to! There was no awkward who’s going to dance first either which I think was partly down to the venue and partly down to it being so intimate that most people knew each other.
weekend in photosSunday I was well and truly spoilt with presents and chocolate. As you can see I also got a beauty blender which is likely because I rave constantly about them💕.

 My mum officially rocks my world! So I was given these beautiful Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses by my mum for easter! I should add we sometimes go crazy about presents…I got her a Nutri Ninja and Christian Dior nail varnish for Easter. I swear I’m not trying to buy her love!

weekend in photos  weekend in photosThursday was the Harvey Nichols beauty event. As you can see I did quite well. The nail varnish I got my mum is in the first photo. I’ll do a separate blog on my buys but I have to admit the multiple glasses of champagne may have made me buy more than usual. I don’t regret anything though as I’m still in love with all my beauties!

So that was my very long weekend in photos, how was yours? I hope you all had a relaxing time and ate your weight in chocolate! Xxx


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      1. It sure looks fun, I’ve also bee a little busy recently here with the arrival of my siblings.. Luckily they’re out so made a cuppa and catching up on all the posts on my timeline now.. 😃 xx

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