Love for Lanc么me 馃拫 and swatches

I’ve had two Lanc么me lip items for a while that I keep meaning to try, well I’ve finally got round to them!

Lanc么meHow pretty are they?! The one on the bottom left is Lanc么me聽Gloss in Love聽in the colour Peach Snow 146, the top right is Lanc么me聽Lip Lover聽in Rose Attrape- Coeur 316.

Lanc么meHere’s a little close up for you…. As I’ve said before I’m not a big gloss fan however..I’m loving these swatches…

The swatch on the top right is Peach Snow, 聽the bottom left swatch is Rose Attrape- Coeur.

Lanc么me Peach Snow has a bi-sided applicator, one side for swiping over your lips the other for precision. I didn’t find this sticky and I’d compare the application and feel to a liquid balm. Although this looks glittery in the swatch it’s not overly so once on and there’s no gritty feel to it. It’s a medium to sheer pigment so on my pigmented lips didn’t show that well but for a natural look or over a matte lipstick I quite like it. The smell is slightly sweet and fruity so quite nice. Peach Snow also didn’t dry my lips like some glosses do.
Lanc么meLanc么me Rose Attrape- Coeur like its sister gloss above has a bi-sided applicator although it’s slightly different. You swipe your lips with the full bodied flocked edge and line with the thinner edge. Again this does not have a sticky feel to it and is comparable to a liquid balm. It is however slightly more pigmented than Gloss in Love Peach Snow. Rose Attrape- Coeur leaves my lips with a subtle hint of colour that’s quite nice for a natural summer look as the shimmer is not noticeable once on.

After using this my lips did feel nice and soft so it has a post balm feeling rather than dry lips like some can do. The smell is a lot fainter than Peach Snow, still slightly sweet but not very strong.

So would I recommend Lanc么me? If like you me you have very pigmented lips these will leave your lips feels lovely and soft but the colours won’t show terribly well. However if you do not have pigmented lips then you should try these! They feel amazing and the colours will look lovely on most people with less pigmented lips.

Hope you’ve found that helpful and you are having a fabulous morning?


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