Losing my MUG virginity…

It happened… I not only got my first MUG/ Makeup Geek pan I got a whole set of them! Excited is not the word after hearing so many great things! I secretly (not so secretly now) love animal print so of course went for an animal print pallette from BeautyBay….

MUG …how gorgeous is this?!

I settled on MUG colours I thought I’d get the most use from which was hard just doing that. Believe me when I say choosing took a long time!

MUG Starting from the top going left to right; Corrupt, Stealth, High Tea, Creme Brûlée, Peach Smoothie, Bedrock, Barcelona Beach, Latte and Mocha (sorry about the nail mark)

MUG This palette also came with magnets so most standard pans will fit in this. I’m impressed they thought to do that. So the important bit, what are the swatches like…  MUG

I have started on the top row and gone left to right with the pallette so these are Corrupt, Stealth, High Tea, Creme Brûlée, Peach Smoothie, Bedrock, Barcelona Beach, Latte and Mocha..phew. I swatched all these dry without primer underneath. I’m impressed by my selection (little pat on the back) as these are the exact colours I’d get a lot of use from💕.
All the colours I have are staple colours for me and I must admit very safe colours.

Corrupt- matte high pigmented black, perfect for lining or for using on a smokey eye look. There’s a slight shimmer but it’s not noticeable when on.

Stealth- matte medium grey with slight blue undertones but not as much as it looks like in the pan. Great for a smokey eye look.

High Tea- neutral colour that I’d call khaki which is a medium brown with grey undertones. Great for lining as an alternative to grey or black.

Creme Brûlée- matte sandy colour which is a great transition shade. This will suit most skin tones.

Peach Smoothie- matte peach/ beige colour great transition shade. Also one that is good in a neutral look.

Bedrock- matte medium grey with strong brown undertones. This is very versatile and great for creases, smokey eye look or neutral looks.

Barcelona Beach- matte medium sand pigment. This is very versatile and great for a neutral look or as a transition shade.

Latte- matte medium brown this is great for a brown smokey eye or in the crease.

Mocha- deep matte brown which is great for a brown smokey eye or to use in the crease.

All Makeup Geek is paraben free and cruelty free so speaks to a wide range of customers.

I have used a few now with an eye primer and I was impressed. The fallout is minimal and the staying powder great! I can’t believe these are only £4.95 a pan while the small z-pallette is £8.95. There are various larger z-palettes available if you wanted more space and they go right up to a 35 pan Z-pallette at £20.95.

Have you got any MUG and if you have what do you think?

Night night everyone xxx

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  1. Theres some good color choices here and you’ve laid them out really well in the palette as they look very professional. I have a Z Palette too in zebra print. I love the designs that are available and the palettes are very handy for putting all of your colors in. I depotted my Illamasqua eyeshadows and put them all in the z palette, much easier to use too when they are all in one palette x

  2. Ah thank you lovely. I think most girls love a bit of animal print even if it’s secretly… It’s great that most pans will fit instead of having loads of different ones. Kudos to whichever brand came up with the idea first. Xx

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