Gerard Cosmetics lipgloss 💞

This is my first Gerard Cosmetics lipgloss. Let me start by saying I generally hate lipgloss…your lips go sticky, it goes everywhere and generally colour payoff can be hit and miss. Till I got this beauty….

Gerard Cosmetics lipgloss I’ve finally found a lipgloss I actually want to use and use it a lot 💕. This is a Gerard Cosmetics colour your smile lighted lipgloss in Shimmer of Hope that can be bought for £12 from BeautyBay.

Gerard Cosmetics lipgloss Lets start with the Gerard Cosmetics lipgloss packaging… It’s sleek and very much reminds me of higher end lipglosses with its gold inital stamped cap. The casing all seems quite well made and durable. I know this because I’ve already dropped it three times! It’s really handy that it has a light-up top and mirror which is perfect on a night out to top it up or apply your makeup! The applicator is a foot design and I found it incredibly easy to apply using it.

Gerard Cosmetics lipgloss Onto the actual product…you already know I love it so let me tell you why. Despite it’s name I can’t see a hint of glitter or shimmer, that’s a good thing for me as I’m not a glitter kind of girl. It’s quite pigmented as you can see and Shimmer of Hope is a fairly neutral pinky shade that will suit most skin tones.

The formula itself is what sold it to me…it’s not sticky! It glides on so easily with no mess. As a gloss I didn’t expect it to last that long, however it was fine through drinking a coffee and lasted about an hour and a half which was when I ate lunch (nothing except liquid lipstick survives lunch).

Gerard Cosmetics lipgloss Finally, here is me wearing it post coffee break! I have quite pigmented lips so love that this shows up well. I’ve already decided which other colours I’m going to be buying…

What do you think of this Gerard Cosmetics lipgloss ? Could you be tempted to buy one or some?

Have a lovely Saturday xxx

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