Essence Princess Lash mascara review 

Essence Princess Lash was not easy for me to get so I have to start by saying a massive thank you to my friend Lucy for getting these for me. Living in Birmingham city centre we unfortunately do not have a Wilkinsons locally and a lot of stores have been sold out. Essence Princess Lash As you can see the packaging is cute there’s no denying that. The detail on the lids are raised in rubber on both sides.
Essence Princess Lash To me the front Essence Princess Lash looks like a face and the back reminds me of a corset. This design is also practical though as it makes opening these a doddle, I’ve no idea if that was intentional.

To test these fairly I tried one on each eye- on a day I was working from home of course.

Essence Princess Lash  The false lash effect version has a standard shaped brush with chunky bristles. I had no issues applying this with out clumps.

Essence Princess Lash The volume version has a wave shaped brush with finer bristles to it. Again I had no issues applying without any clumps.

What did they look like though..?

Essence Princess Lash  This is the Essence Princess Lash false lash used without a lash primer and one coat.

Essence Princess Lash  This is the Essence Princess Lash volume used without a lash primer with one coat.

There isn’t too much difference between the two but to me there is slightly more body with the false lash and slightly more length with the volume mascara. Neither of these dropped during the day or left smudging which I did expect as I was wearing glasses which I find sometimes encourages smudges. The volume version is £3.30 as is the false lash effect.

For £3.30 I don’t think you can go wrong at all. If I was looking for a mascara on a budget this would be the one I’d go for. What do you think of the two Essence Princess Lash mascaras?

Have you managed to get hold of either of these? Xxx

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  1. Really cute packaging. We actually have this brand in Canada at our major drug store, so I will keep my eye open for these two mascaras. I tend to spend less on mascara (not sure why), and this one is likely about $10 here.

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