Colourpop… with swatches

Happy Friday!!

So I know I always look for swatches before I buy something especially if I have no way to test in a shop. Colourpop isn’t easily available here but we can get it shipped via mymallbox which is a drop shipping company. There’s always offers floating around on Google so check for discounts first😉. If anyone wants I can do a blog on how to use it. If you sign up to Colourpop you’ll also get sent a discount code for $5. There is a page on Facebook where a lovely lady does orders once a month so I’ll add that link for anyone that’s interested.

So my Coloupop collection so far..

Colourpop Left to right: Instigator, Brink, Button, Brunch, Dalia, Frenchie, Precocious, Lumière, Clique, Tipsy and ChokerColourpop Bottom to top: Instigator, Brink, Button, Brunch, Dalia, Frenchie, Precocious, Lumière, Clique, Tipsy and Choker (Brink, Button,Brunch, Dalia and Frenchie have their matching liners below)

All of the Coloupop above are lippie stix except Instigator which is an ultra matte. The duo lippie stix are limited edition and a new set comes out every year along with ultra matte travel sets. The lippie stix and liners are available to buy separately and full size though.

Bottom to top: Instigator, Brink, Button, Brunch and Dalia

Colourpop Bottom to top: Frenchie, Precocious, Lumière, Clique, Tipsy and Choker 

Instigator as an ultra matte is extremely long wearing and I love wearing this as its such an easy colour to carry off and will suit most skin colours.

The Colourpop lippie stix I find are all quite good wearing and have great colour pay off with all the different finishes. I have quite pigmented lips so this is important to me as tints don’t do anything for me…

The finishes I have are:

  • Choker- crème
  • Lumière- matte
  • Tipsy- glossy
  • Clique- matte
  • Brunch- satin
  • Dalia- matte
  • Button- satin
  • Brink- matte
  • Frenchie- matte
  • Precocious- matte

Hope you enjoyed my Colourpop collection and unicorn background! I have more coming in a week or two so I’ll do my American haul then.

Have a fabulous Friday xxx

0 thoughts on “Colourpop… with swatches

    1. Thank you! I have a highlighter, some more ultra matte, lippie stix, lip liner, brow pencil and brow gel coming so I’ll update with those once they arrive ☺️. They are amazing value for money though even with shipping. Honestly can’t recommend enough. Rumour has it they will be available here soon…. xx

    1. I’ll make sure I pop over and see which ones you have! Really looking forward to my new ones arriving 💕. When I do a giveaway I think I’ll include some Colourpop as a lot of ladies haven’t tried the brand. Xx

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