Ciate Olivia Palermo golden delights 

Ciate Olivia Palermo golden I couldn’t not share these beauties by Ciate Olivia Palermo with you all! How amazing and eye catching is the packaging to start with..?! It looks luxurious before I even start swatching it all. I honestly just want to have them on a little display 💕.

Ciate Olivia Palermo After I got over how amazing the Ciate Olivia Palermo golden packaging is I finally decided to swatch the actual products and was actually surprised. I expected good things but nowhere near as good as I found.
Ciate Olivia Palermo The lipstick I have here is in Truffle and is a nude colour. It goes on quite creamy which is a pleasant change from all the matte lipsticks I’ve been using. The swatch is only one layer and as you can see is amazing in terms of colour payoff. I did try this earlier on in the day and it lasted a good few hours without needing a top up. I think that’s quite good going considering it’s not a matte. You can buy this from ASOS  for £19 or if you are lucky maybe TKMax…

The eyeliner I have here in in black but I think it also comes in a colour called fig. Everything about this screams luxury! The pencil itself is encased in a long gold tubing which slides off to reveal the main pencil. The shorter gold tubing houses the blending brush. The top swatch is the eyeliner on its own and the bottom is after I’ve used the brush on it. I have to say this goes on really smoothly and easily. The colour payoff is also amazing!

I’ve had this on since this morning and it’s not dropped or smudged which was my main worry with it going on so easily- there was no need clearly. A massive bonus about this is the brush, it’s firm but surprisingly soft, I might have tried this with my brow gel as well.(obviously I did). You can get this from ASOS or again if you are very lucky TKMax.

Ciate Olivia Palermo Finally the nail varnish, I have Haute Vacation Coral and Off Duty Nude. Both of these are priced at £17 each on ASOS. The colour payoff of both of these is actually true to colour of the helpful swatches inclueded on the boxes…

Ciate Olivia Palermo The top obviously being Haute Vacation Coral and bottom being Off Duty Nude. Now I have tested both of these but forgot to take a photo before getting gel nails done yesterday (my bad). Haute Vacation Coral is an amazing popping bright coral with a lovely almost gel look finish. I needed two coats of this and I was delighted. I sealed with a top coat and had no chips for roughly five days!

Off Duty Nude really depends what you’d like as to how many coats you would need. Coats didn’t go on streaky so if you’d like a simple hint of nude colour you’ll get that with just one or maybe two coats. It would be great on a French manicure with one coat 💕. To review I wanted a full colour though which required a good three coats followed by a top coat. I found Off Duty Nude lasted slightly longer at around 6 days without chips…maybe I did less washing up? Both drying quite quickly so no complaints there. These can be bought from ASOS or TKMax possibly.

Overall I would buy all of these again happily paying full price without hesitation. This is one collection I have been blown away by unexpectedly due to staying power and general loveliness.

Have you tried any of the Ciate Olivia Palermo collection? If so what do you think?

Have a great Sunday night xxx

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