Can you spot the fake Too Faced Chocolate Bar..? 

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So this post will be all about comparing a fake Too Faced Chocolate Bar and a genuine Too Faced Chocolate Bar. I’m sure everyone knows the hidden dangers of fake makeup but if you don’t here is a quick recap.

fake Too Faced Chocolate Bar
Fake makeup and skincare is not regulated so never has to pass any tests that we assume all products will go through. Products are rarely made in a sterile environment so quite a lot of nasties have been found in siezed products.

Ingredients that have been found include very high levels of arsenic, lead, mercury, copper and cadmium to name a few. Symptoms might be an allergic reaction that happens quickly or possibly skin sensitivity over time which means you will not know straight away. Don’t forget with a fake product the ingredients are also copied so there’s no way of easily knowing what is going on your face.

Some people do not care about those risks though as they want to have that ‘MAC’ lipstick or ‘Too Faced’ palette even if it is not the real thing. Unfortunately some people unknowingly buy fake items as they are getting hard to spot.

So if those reasons don’t deter from buying anywhere but a trusted stockist you maybe this post will…

fake Too Faced Chocolate BarCan you tell which is genuine and which is fake?

fake Too Faced Chocolate BarHow about now?

fake Too Faced Chocolate BarDoes this picture help you?

fake Too Faced Chocolate BarCan you tell now, there’s a big giveaway in this picture… If not how about some swatches..?

fake Too Faced Chocolate BarIf you haven’t decided which you think is fake the next swatches should give it away.

fake Too Faced Chocolate Bar
fake Too Faced Chocolate BarYou’ve guessed now yes? If not take a look at the picture below…

fake Too Faced Chocolate BarDid you guess straight away or at all which was the fake Too Faced Chocolate Bar?

At first glance the fake Too Faced Chocolate Bar is not a bad copy looks wise till you look closer. So what gives it away before swatches?

  • The tin itself is not quite dark enough.
  • The Too Faced logo and name on the from is not crisp and the type is slightly blurred.
  • On the back the contrast between the tin and information is higher on the real version.
  • The mirror inside is not actually the right size, there’s quite a large margin around it.
  • The fake actually falls open as the magnetic close barely works.

Once you look at swatches it’s a lot easier to tell. Some colours were very hard for me to pick up so I had to use a lamp to show them. There’s some really noticeable differences in colour payoff as you can tell.

On the fake Too Faced Chocolate Bar there’s about 3 with reasonable colour compared to good colour payoff on the real version. It’s actually harder to tell with the highlights but it’s still noticeable. The texture is completely different when swatching as well. The fake palette was very powdery and  had hardly any staying power.

Anyone that has the Too Faced Chocolate Bar will tell you it actually smells like chocolate. Not surprisingly the fake version doesn’t have this smell, there is not a lot of smell to it bar powder.

This is another reason to not buy fakes even if you decided to risk the ingredients. I’ve heard people say they buy fakes because they can’t afford the original version. You are literally paying for a label and something that looks similar at face value but as I’ve shown likely won’t look the same once used. With a dupe like MUR however you are paying for something that is trying to look similar when used as well. You’ll get a better colour payoff from the MUR dupe so it seems pointless all round to get a fake version.

You can get the MUR Chocolate Palette here and the Too Faced Chocolate Bar here.

Would I ever buy a fake? Simple answer here, no never. I was kindly sent this fake palette by a friend purely to do this review then it will be going in the bin. There are so many fakes around and some get sold as the real deal so please be careful.

How do you feel about fake products such as this fake Too Faced Chocolate Bar?

Have a great weekend lovelies xxxx

24 thoughts on “Can you spot the fake Too Faced Chocolate Bar..? 

  1. I spotted that pretty quickly and I don’t even own one of these! The shades in the fake are totally different even before the swatches.
    Counterfeit make-up is so dangerous and counterfeiting is used to fund organised crime including terrorism. I did a blog post on it myself a while ago investigating why fake make-up should not be bought or used. Even lower end brands are being copied now if a product is particularly popular.
    Great post and I’m sure will come in useful to many who are researching whether they have been sold a fake Chocolate Bar.

    Sending love from

      1. Not expensive but very hard to get in some parts of the world such as here in the UK. We have to use 3rd party shipping companies and dodge import duties if we want to order any and it’s a bit of a rigmarole!

        1. They are shipping here from July from what I have heard. If I couldn’t get something though I’d rather not have it than have a fake. As this post showed its not gong to look the same even if you are willing to overlook all the other points. Xx

  2. Wow this is really shocking. I never knew fake makeup existed, but I guess it doesn’t surprise me….I would think this should be illegal??

  3. I can’t stand fake makeup its full of all sorts of bad things. It’s not like buying a fake handbag, this stuff can really harm your skin. Some people say that the fake is just as good as the real one, but it’s not. Not only will the quality be bad but it will have bad ingredients in it too. This is a great post, thanks for sharing x

    1. I completely agree with you on all those points. I personally don’t want to risk my skin and even if it’s fine to start with it might not be after using a while (for those people that say it’s fine). Like you say it’s not like they look the same when used so to me it’s a potentially dangerous exercise. Xx

  4. Even I wouldn’t have guessed which was the fake! This is a very good article and good to know. People can just get desperate to get their hands on makeup and order fake makeup instead. At least with posts like this, it can create awareness. Thanks. Afshan.

  5. This is a BRILLIANT post – I honestly could not tell the difference at first.

    Loved this, I didn’t know fake make-up was so dangerous or so easily bought! It’s always best to buy from trusted brands – if you can’t afford it, go to a different brand, don’t buy fake! It looks like it can cause more problems than it’s worth in the long run.

    Thanks so much for this post – I’ll be keeping an eye out!

    1. If I had to judge separate or based on the highlight swatches…honestly I’d struggle. I think a lot of people don’t realise either and assume the product is safe. Like you said the scary thing is the problems or issues might not happen straight away. So glad you liked it ☺️. I’ve got a Mac lipstick one coming soon. Xx

  6. Was sold a fake Mac Cinderella lipstick… Swatched it and that was the Giveaway… Took a closer look at the packaging and small details confirmed my suspicion… Luckily I was able to eventually get a full refund! Learnt a valuable lesson… Thanks for showing a comparison of a fake vs re one. Fakes are getting harder to spot

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