Blogger Beauty Box 🎁 and unboxing

So if you are not blogger you likely wouldn’t have heard of this Blogger Beauty Box. It’s a box put together by a lovely blogger via BbloggerBox. This is my first box and I am blown away!

Blogger Beauty Box Everything fits inside this snug box for a massive £10 including postage!

So what was included this month?

Blogger Beauty Box Yep all this was included, I couldn’t believe it to be honest!

The first thing that caught my eye in the Blogger Beauty Box was this Makeup Geek blush in Infatuation.

Blogger Beauty Box The colour is gorgeous and really wearable. I have MUG shadows but I haven’t tried their blushes before. I really like this one as a good all rounder. The colour is almost a brick/ peach colour. This retails at £7.95 so it’s nearly the value of the box already.
Blogger Beauty Box
Next up I tried the Magic Skin….

Blogger Beauty Box This retails at £32 so I was intrigued by this product. I had a slight allergic reaction last week so this was a good time to try it out. The first thing I noticed was the smell of eucalyptus which I quite like. It’s cooling when applied which helped me a lot as I kept wanting to scratch my face (not a good idea). What does the site say about it…

With its penetrating texture, this 98.7% from natural origin topical repair gel, based on the healing properties of Myrrh, will soothe your skin blemishes and conditions to reveal a reborn, transformed skin. After application on the skin conditions, there is an immediate soothing and cooling effect. With regular application locally, the skin becomes clean, healthy and has a regenerated aspect. Studies show beneficial effects on wounds of considerable depth (2 cm)*.

I do think this helped because it not only stopped me itching but due to antiseptic properties helped soothe areas I had unfortunately scratched previously. I would use this again next time I have a reaction or on a blemish.

Blogger Beauty Box This is a brand I have heard of but haven’t used before, mostly because I tend to have good skin except for my allergic reactions every now and again. Witch is around £6.99 to buy and there’s usually an offer on such as at Superdrug right now.

I’ll start by saying I like fast products in the morning so anything I test I apply this rule to it… I usually put my primer on and literally 2 minutes later my foundation goes on. Bad idea with this! I found my foundation rolling off which was not what I wanted while getting ready for work! I started again but used my usual primer instead.

The next morning I tried again but went off to make a cup of coffee leaving it about 10 minutes to sink in. Eureka! It worked, this product really needs time to sink in so please note that if you plan on trying. What the brand says about this product….

Witch Daily Primer & Clearing Serum evens out skin tone and helps to hold make-up in place. This oil free gentle formula calms and soothes skin and works to help prevent new spots and break outs. Leaves skin feeling hydrated, softer and looking clearer.

  • Primer & spot control
  • 24 hours 2 in 1 moisturising
  • Naturally clear
  • With witch hazel extract
  • Evens out skin tone and holds make-up in place
  • Oil-free day serum, helps to prevent new spots
  • For spot prone and sensitive skin
  • Oil free
  • Dermatologically tested

So would I buy this? I’m afraid not but not because I’m saying it doesn’t work it just doesn’t meet my needs. I don’t get spots and am not prone to them so wouldn’t usually lean towards this type of product anyway. I also like my sleep so would rather have an extra ten minutes in bed. I’d love to hear from someone that’s prone to breakouts though about if this works for them?

Blogger Beauty Box So the overnight recharge by Merumaya is £35.50 for 30ml so this tube is worth roughly £3.50. What the brand says…

A pioneering and exclusive formulation from Merumaya that effectively helps essential multi-cellular moisturisation, skin restoration and repair, firming and lifting. All delivered within a contemporary cream that is readily absorbed and provides surface comfort.

So what did I think of this addition to Blogger Beauty Box? Well I got a few tries out of this and it feels like a sleeping cream mask which I really like. My skin did feel lovely afterwards and extreamly hydrated so I was pleased with this product and may buy it.

The tub to the right is by Maya. I was lucky enough to meet the creator of this product and have to say she’s lovely. 520ml is £48 and will last around a year so is obviously great value. However there are smaller sizes available like the 55ml for £15.

I have long, fine and straight hair so tried a pea size in place of serum. I do have flyaways and this easily tamed them without feeling greasy. I’ve also heard really good things about this product from curly haired bloggers. I’ll be doing a full blog on Maya soon so look out for it. So far I love it as its so easy to use with minimal effort.

Hands down this is my favorite product in this Blogger Beauty Box! This is my kind of product as a fake tan addict, it retails at £22 a bottle. What the site has to say…

Enriched with skin-conditioning passion fruit extract, nourishing vitamin e and plant allo-melanin, this concentrated gradual-build facial tanning serum boosts overall skin radiance from first use. Mix with your daily moisturiser to even out skin tone and help your skin look its healthiest and most radiant.

Whilst trying this I used 2/3 drops mixed into my foundation which is Estee Lauder Double Wear.

I just mixed with a foundation brush then used a beauty blender as usual. It didn’t change the consistency of my foundation that I noticed and went on like a dream. So I could tell it was darker than usual which is a good thing as I had a lot of fake tan on!

I haven’t tried in moisturiser yet but I will do that soon. However my skin does have a nice glow from this when I remove my makeup. There’s a few lightening and darkening drops out at the moment and these are best I’ve tried so far. I would buy this again and recommend friends. It has a slight coconut smell to it which is my favourite smell in skincare products.

Lastly are the organic tampons. Now these I likely won’t test as I don’t really require them so I’ll pass them on (I only got Pink Parcel for the goodies). However I can see why these will be appealing at only £2.80 for this box it’s quite good value for what you get. TOTM offer organic, biodegradable, 100% free from pesticides, chemical fertilisers, rayon, viscose, chlorine or perfume sanitary products delivered to your door.

Overall this is a great box worth over £60! I’ll actually use most the items except the sanitary products and Witch primer but that’s due to personal needs. I’ve already ordered my next Blogger Beauty Box! To be honest my biggest worry is that too many people will want this box so I might struggle to get one in the future….

What do you think of it? Xxx

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