What to wear to travel and travels tips

You might have seen some holiday photos by now if you follow me on social media. What to wear to travel is part two of my getting holiday ready posts. What to pack in your hand luggage is here.

What to wear to travel sounds really obvious I know… but everyone likes a few tips especially if you have left it to the last minute.

Layer up, some travelers get easily hot or cold when they travel. Then there’s thinking about when you reach your destination. Layers make everything so much easier and comfortable.
What to wear to travel I wear something like this Zara poncho/ cape. It’s easy to take off and put on and doubles as blanket whilst flying. When thinking about what to wear to travel think about fabrics as well. This poncho is a cotton mix so its breathable.

I absolutely love skinny jeans but not for flying… No one wants restrictive clothing, it’s not comfortable is it? Reduce the risk of DVT by wearing clothing that’s not too tight or basically leaves a mark. These soft feel leggings that I picked up from Primark are perfect. I’m in love with them, they are really soft inside and not too tight because they are jersey material rather than spanx type material. I think these are new in and only £5!

When travelling I get cold easily so always opt for a long sleeved top. An oversized boyfriend style thin knit jumper is perfect. Because it’s oversized it’s of course perfect to pair with leggings. This particular jumper is from Primark and is a cotton and wool mix priced at £10. I’ll be wearing a longline vest top underneath in case I’m too hot once we arrive or at the airport.

Make sure your shoes are comfortable that you choose. I know these boots have a small heel but they are really comfortable and it’s raining in England currently. I do have flat boots but they are all knee high and I don’t fancy trying to do them up after flying.

Normally I take my shoes off for a flight and put my comfortable socks on so these are easy to get on and off. I do put a pair of flat pumps in my bag for arrival but if I wore them to go to the airport my feet would get soaked! If you do decide to wear open shoes your feet may get chilly on the plane so again comfy socks are a must in my books.

Lastly I take a small handbag that I’ll use on holiday. It fits in my hand luggage and has things like passports, keys, phone, purse, iPad and a packet of tissues in it.

So that’s how I dress to travel. You don’t need to be unfashionable to dress comfortably. Did this help you or do you have any other tips on what to wear to travel in?

Are there any other tips you have got?


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