Moi Meme/ Moi-Même box review 

So Moi-Même box is one of the newest subscription boxes around at the moment and it’s certainly off to a fabulous start!

I’ve already done a live unboxing over on my Facebook but for those of you that haven’t seen it I hope you’re ready…

Moi-Même boxIt’s packed full of gorgeous items as you can see. The theme for the Moi-Même box was ‘The Adventure Box’. It’s a lifestyle subscription box so will always contain a mix of items such as beauty, stationary, homeware or skincare items as well as lifestyle accessories. The brands and designers included are independent which is a plus for me as its a great way to discover brands I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Each Moi-Même box comes with a full colour booklet explaining each item and the alternatives as well as prices and further information.

So what came in the first box…

Moi-Même boxThis gorgeous scarf caught my eye straight away! It’s by Lisa Angel and I already have a bracelet by this brand which I love. In case you are interested it measures 100cm by 185com so is a really good size. It’s almost a dusky nude colour with a standing flamingo pattern that evolves into flamingos taking flight from one end to the other. It’s incredibly versatile in that it is great for the summer and for taking holidays but will be great for layering going into autumn as well. Inside the little envelope is a fold out with ideas on how to style this scarf in different ways which is a nice touch.

This scarf retails at £12 and I’m tempted to buy the peacock feather version as well… There were three versions that I could have had which were Pink Flamingo, Peacock Feather or Aztec with pom poms.

Moi-Même boxNext up in my Moi-Même box were two skincare items from Evolve. I have actually heard of this brand thanks to Little Bit Lavish. I previously tried out their satin leg gloss- it’s amazing. This time round I have got a Tropical Blossom Body Butter and a matching Tropical Blossom Body Polish.  Firstly let’s start by mentioning this is an organic, vegan and cruelty free brand that uses natural ingredients which is something more and more people are looking out for in beauty products. The body polish prices are 30ml for £4 and 180ml for £20, mine is a 30ml.

You can smell the natural oils as soon as you open this and it’s quite a musky exotic scent. I used this before my shower on dry skin paying attention to my elbows which do get dry I admit. Once I rinsed off it turned milky reminding me of barley baths (not sure if you know what I mean..). The scent did linger nicely afterwards and also did its job as an exfoliater well. I followed with the matching body butter which is priced at £16 for 120ml and £4 for 30ml, mine is 120ml.

This product is a proper body butter and texture wise is like a solid balm that melts in your hands. You really only need to use a tiny bit of this and it goes on much like an oil once warmed up. This had the same lovely scent as the body polish. I loved using these two products just before bed and really felt like I was pampering myself. Both contained almond oil, tahitensis flower and coconut to give you an idea of scents.
Moi-Même boxNow I have to admit this is one of my favourite items in my Moi-Même box. I love stationary and forget to buy it more often than not so this journal will certainly be used. I especially love that it’s personalised- who doesn’t love something personalised? It’s an A5 size refillable lined journal with a padded cover and has my blog stitched to the front.

I’m truly in love with this and would happily pay the £20 price tag as its great quality.

Moi-Même boxLisa Angel has a second item in this box in the form of a beautiful bracelet (I don’t have this one yet- phew). Mine is matte grey with rose gold embellishment, the alternative was silver beads with pearlescent grey. These also come in two different sizes- mines a small which is perfect for me. The bracelets are worth £8 and clearly I’d happily pay this because I have done previously. I like that these are quite simple and easy to wear with most outfits.

Moi-Même boxMy last item is a leather passport holder by Laurige. There are 12 colour options and mine is navy which is the colour I would have picked to be honest. It’s a simple accessory which works well for a passport holder as it adds class in my opinion. This is priced at £20 which is a very reasonable price for a leather accessory.

Moi-Même boxSo altogether the value of the box is around £80! There will always be a minimum of 5 full size items in each box, for example this has 6 items with 5 full sized. The value of each box will always be £75 or above which I find reassuring plus extras including discounts and sometimes samples.

This next aspect of the box is a huge selling point for me….you can swap your items! If you would like to swap one or all your items you can do so very easily. All you need to do is pop Moi-Même an email with the details, post the items and wait. So I could swap my scarf for example for a different one if I wanted to.

Lastly Moi-Même has a shop with everything included in the box for sale as well as few extras by the featured brands and designers. This is where I’ll buy the second scarf.

Overall I’m blown away by this Moi-Même box. It’s compleatly different to any box that I’ve ever had before and I mean that in a good way! It’s a luxurious box to receive and feels like an amazing treat to get in the post. Everything fits together really well with the theme and you can tell a lot of thought and care has been put into curating it. I can’t wait to find out what the next box has in store…

I’m considering getting an extra box in October as this would be a great birthday present for someone I have in mind.

The subscription is £49.95 a quarter including shipping within the UK. Shipping is available outside of the UK at an extra cost. If you use the code TBA5 you’ll get £5 discount off your first box. Because its quarterly that works out to £16 a month if you break it down which is less than some other beauty boxes. I can’t recommend trying this box enough even if it’s only a one off treat.

The next Moi-Même box will be shipped in October, will you be signing up?


Moi-Même boxThe above picture features items that will be in future boxes.

The cut off point for Octobers box is the last day of September.

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