Flying Tiger, Selfridges and my shopping haul

So let’s talk Flying TigerSelfridges…. Previously Flying Tiger was known as Tiger- just in case you got confused and thought it was another brand.

Flying Tiger has just opened its first concession  inside Selfridges, Birmingham. If you’ve never been to Flying Tiger before in a nutshell it is a bloggers dream, nesters haven and a stationery addicts paradise! I somehow managed to spend over 2 hours in there last time..

Flying Tiger, SelfridgesEverything is priced really reasonably as you can see and it’s hard to walk away without buying anything… The milk carton pencil case is only £3 and the chocolate bar pad is a bargain for £2. I know the mini trolley and mini shopping basket are already a hit with bloggers… me included! These would be great for party bag and stocking fillers as well.

Flying Tiger, SelfridgesI did tell you there’s something for everyone here. For the makeup addicts there’s cosmetic storage, for the nesters there’s shelving with a twist or knitted stools. If there’s any baking lovers out there you’ll love the cake stand and the ‘Happiness is a piece of cake’ slice.

Flying Tiger, SelfridgesPlanning a party? Head to Flying Tiger to pick up everything you need. There’s loads of cute party bags, napkins, candles and tableware that can be matched up. It was my mums birthday a few days after I popped in here and I did do some little bags…

Flying Tiger, SelfridgesThese bags were a £1 for 10 and I popped in matching napkins and some sweets that I also bought at the same time. I did have a bag of amazing sour strawberry marshmallows (£1) but I ate them before I took any pictures-sorry! If you love sour sweets as much as I do you need to get a bag, there’s a real possibility that I went back and got more but I ate them too.Flying Tiger, SelfridgesThese are a few more of my buys from Flying Tiger, Selfridges…giant pegs £1 each, tape 2 for £1, notebooks £1 each, stamps £4, pencils £2 each, popping candy 3 for £1, fish mints £1 each and the charging cable was £3.

Flying Tiger, SelfridgesThere was a giveaway over on my Twitter to win this set from Flying Tiger, Selfridges and I’ll be doing another next week. I loved these pencils so much I picked up 3 sets!

I also picked up a laptop stand for £4….Flying Tiger, SelfridgesI have used it for my laptop when I work from home but over the weekend I took to using it for my iPad whilst relaxing. (The tray is also from Flying Tiger- I’m an addict) You could actually use this stand for your laptop, iPad or to prop open a book. It’s really useful to stop me constantly straining my neck as I work from home quite a lot.

Of course I couldn’t wait to try out the stamp set so I did an Instagram quick picture with them.. The set comes with two ink pads in black and red. These will be great to make my own gift tags as I love doing a bit of crafting.
Flying Tiger, SelfridgesMy other half bought me this lovely flamingo set from Flying Tiger a while back. I noticed it was back in stock so for those of you that had previously asked pop in store and grab them while you can.
Flying Tiger, Selfridges

Basically Flying Tiger is a one stop stop shop for everything you didn’t know you needed but you honestly do. There is always something suited to everyone’s tastes from young children to cooks or knitters.

Flying Tiger, Selfridges will be stocking some Selfridges exclusives from next month so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Have you been in store yet? What do you think?

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