Become Maya Black Gold of The Sun Haircare review 

So a while ago I went to a beauty event at Birmingham NEC and was lucky enough to meet the founder of Become Maya. I’d heard of the brand through a previous Beauty Blogger Box where I’d briefly spoke about this product.

Become Maya
It was great to talk to Michelle and find out why she’d created Become Maya. In a nutshell Michelle wanted a product that was a good all rounder rather than having to use lots of different products. It is a product suitable for all hair types whether that’s curly or straight as a poker like mine!

The ingredients include 12 natural oils which are;

  • Argan Oil
  • Marula Seed Oil
  • Baobab Oil
  • Cedar Wood Bark Oil
  • Soybean Oil
  • Rice Extract
  • Radish Root Extract
  • Shea Butter
  • Flame Tree Extract
  • Tomato Oil
  • Carrot Oil
  • Olive Oil

Olive, argan, marula seed and baobab oils all help condition the hair whilst soybean, radish root and rice oils smooth your hair. That’s just a few benefits from many that I could list.

Become Maya

As I have straight hair I’ve been using Become Maya as a finishing product once it’s nearly dry but not quite. I apply a small amount then finish blow drying it.

The texture is exactly what you’d think of when you think about a styling cream so it’s quite thick. You only need a pea sized amount though so don’t get carried away using too much. You get a lot of product for your money with this. It smells quite sweet in a nice way which will be the oils in the ingredients although I can’t pin down what it reminds me of. My other half has also commented previously when I’ve used this saying my hair smells nice (brownie points to you Michelle).

I use this on the lengths and tips of my hair avoiding the roots purely because my hair is so straight. I have found its really helped tame my fly aways without weighing my hair down which is what other similar products tend to do. The picture above shows how much product I’ve used over quite a long time (nearly 2 months now I think). It’s £12.55 for 55ml and I have used about a fifth so far I would guess.

Become Maya
Here’s a picture of my hair after using Become Maya looking rather healthy if I do say so myself and not in the least bit limp. As a side note I haven’t noticed this leaving a build up which is of course a bonus!

I did try to curl my hair using Become Maya once and it didn’t work but then again I’ve yet to find any product that will keep a curl in my hair so I’m not surprised. It would have been nothing short of a miracle if it had done that.

Have you heard of or tried Become Maya? Xxx

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  1. Ooo I’d always wondered what this would be like on straight hair. My hair is super duper curly and now I’m addicted to this stuff. I met Michelle at a blogger event and I’m so impressed with this stuff.

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