Barcelona trip and food galore 💞

My blog has been quite quiet the past three weeks I’m afraid as work got really hectic! However you can now expect a flurry of posts while I catch up and fill you all in…Here is my Barcelona trip and food galore

So I went away for a break with my lovely mum to Barcelona flying from Birmingham airport. We did a spot of shopping prior to leaving where my mum treated me to this amazing carry on case… This gorgeous case happened to be a bargain buy from TKMax and was about £50. The bag on top is from Zara and I always get asked where it’s from. They currently have it in black online priced at £89.99.

Barcelona trip and food galore So after a short flight and quick taxi ride to our hotel we arrived at the Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel. As soon as you see the hotel you’ll be impressed! Everything about it whispers luxury throughout the building in a classy way. This is the hotel at night from the outside…
Barcelona trip and food galore  We made our way up to our room via a glass elevator- not for the faint hearted! Our room was a chic mininmalistic room which was spotless. Even the toiletries were lovely and looked high end. 
Barcelona trip and food galore With the most amazing views…

Barcelona trip and food galore  I very rarely say I’d go back to the same hotel but without a doubt I’d go back here.

After some much needed sleep we headed down to breakfast. Even the fussiest of eaters will find something here including my mum who is dairy and wheat free. Everything is freshly made and as a food lover I was in my element!

Barcelona trip and food galore  We ate out twice and ate in the hotel once whilst in Barcelona and the food was amazing all three times.

Our first evening we stayed in to see what the food was like.

Barcelona trip and food galore Answer- fresh and amazingly tasty! I did notice it was incredibly easy for my mum to eat here as there’s a lot of fresh fish and veg which is perfect for her. I’m not a fussy eater so will basically try anything. My mum had salmon with grilled vegetables while I had salted squid and octopus with grilled vegetables. Everything was cooked to perfection and there were no complaints at all from either of us. The cheese was all mine and way too much so I had to take it to the room to finish. Price wise with a bottle of nice wine it was roughly £50 so very reasonable considering what we had.

If you go to Barcelona I will say the main high street- Rambla is not cheap for eating or drinking. Think London prices plus a bit at some places. One place had calamari priced at €24 which I thought was a bit steep for a street cafe. If you walk slightly further down or off a side street the prices drop a lot and the quality doesn’t.

Barcelona trip and food galore This was literally off one of the first side streets near the water front. I loved the rustic charm and how friendly the waiter was in here. For lunch we ordered a coffee, mineral water, two grilled veg, mussels and falafel….the bill was a whooping €20! All cooked right in front of us within about 15 minutes.

The following day we went for a bar and tapas restaurant near El Triangle. Mostly because it was so hot and I was desperate for a drink!

Barcelona trip and food galore We didn’t expect it to be cheap due to its location but six tapas, two coffees and two mineral waters was €18 . Again the food was fresh and brought out as it was ready. I’ll get the names of where we ate and update for you.

The final afternoon some much needed and earned relaxation was needed and the rooftop pool and bar hit the spot.

Barcelona trip and food galore As its one of the highest buildings in the area there are some amazing views!

Would I stay at this hotel again? Yes without hesitation I’d go back again. What did you think of my Barcelona trip and food galore?

Have a great day lovelies xxx

P.S shopping haul to follow…

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