Best leggings winter 2016

Best leggings for Winter 2016

I don’t know about you but good leggings are a staple in my winter wardrobe. They are comfortable and look good with oversized jumpers and shirts. So you don’t have to suffer the dreaded see-through legging trauma I have tested quite a few out for you… Here are my top picks that are all still available to buy.

Best leggings for Winter 2016

Dark grey leggings from H&M £5.99

These are a stereotypical jersey material and fit quite nicely, they also don’t go baggy after wearing them for the day. The only downside is if you are blessed in the backside department these do not come up very high. I did find I needed to pull them up at the back every now and again. However for £5.99 I can cope with that as I wear these when I am working from home. These are a good pair of basic leggings.

Best leggings for Winter 2016

Black Nike Swoosh leggings ASOS £20

I had been meaning to get some Nike Swoosh leggings to try out for gym classes as well as just pottering around in. However I ended up getting these in an advent swap I did (she knows me very well). I absolutely love these for a few reasons. These are incredibly comfortable and do not go baggy anywhere after wearing them. They also have an internal waistband so these do actual stay put all day (if they are for pottering). They are jersey but really high quality  so worth £20 in my opinion. If you are curvy then you wont find yourself having to pull these up all day!

Best leggings for Winter 2016

Zara Panelled leggings £19.99

These leggings are quite thick and a cross between leggings and stretchy trousers. They are very fitted in will pull you in if you are looking for something that has some body shaping qualities. Because of the material they look nice worn in place of jeans with boots and a chunky jumper. Due to these being high waisted they do not need hitching up throughout the day. These are the smartest looking out of all the leggings I have tried out. If you want a something to wear for a few drinks with a nice top these will be perfect.

Best leggings for Winter 2016

Topshop branded leggings £12

For £12 these leggings are really good value for a pair of leggings to either wear to the gym or for a staple. They are not that thick but surprisingly I didn’t find these went see through- phew! The Topshop leggings were extremely comfortable and the waistband also stops these wiggling down.

I’ll be getting these in grey as well once I get back to Birmingham.

Best leggings for Winter 2016

H&M Stirrup leggings £14.99

If you are around my age you may remember stirrups were fashionable in the 90’s and I’m glad I found these. Stirrups are perfect to wear with boots to stop them bunching up. These legging suit have sewn in creases and a medium thickness waistband. The material is thicker than a pair of leggings so perfect when it’s freezing out with a chunky jumper. My only annoyance with these is the stirrups are quite long- I’m about 5’3 or 5’4 if I stand tall. It is not a massive issue but I do need to have socks pulled up inside to stop rubbing inside my boots because of that.

I would happily buy these again as they wash well and are very comfortable.

Best leggings for Winter 2016

Next Loungewear Leggings £12 each

If I had been blogging last year you’d recognise these as I got last winter so version. The only difference is this years are a plainer version to the previous version. These loungewear leggings are really easy to wash and keep their shape. In all honesty I really rate Next loungewear  and nightclothes. They are extremely good quality and don’t show signs of wear easily.

I am a wimp in the winter and these are my go to with a cosy top to sleep in. The top pictured is also from Next and is £22. These loungewear legging and top keep going in and out of stock unfortunately so it’s just a matter of checking every now and again.

So these are all the leggings I’d recommend trying out. What about leggings I don’t rate? Please remember this is my personal opinion and some people will like different brands.

I bought three pairs of leggings from River Island ranging from £12 to £22. Unfortunately they all got returned. Even just trying them on I found they did not stay up well and were semi see-through before I had tried them!  I was most disappointed with a pair of dogtooth print leggings that are £22. I bought a size up so the pattern didn’t stretch but they still looks very warped much to my disappointment (and see-through).  River Island do some things well such as scarves and shirts but leggings don’t see to be their forte…

Another popular brand I tried out was Primark… I’m aware my opinion on their leggings might not be popular… but I think they are pants generally. I bought three different pairs ranging from £3 to £6. The basics leggings just wouldn’t stay up although I have to stay they didn’t look see-through so might be ok for a different body shape. I can’t comment further as I ok them back, I don’t rate builders bum!

Next I tried the cosy leggings. I’m torn by these as they fit nicely, are not see-through and really warm! Here’s the but… they shed like an animal. I would find black fluff all over my apartment and if I wore with an oversized jumper fluff transferred. You may remember I loved them for travelling but I found myself hoovering three times when I wore them in my flat for the day. I don’t mind cleaning at all but I found that excessive (worth saying my carpet is cream).

Do you agree or disagree with me about any of these brands leggings at all? Or can you recommend another brand you think I should try out?


Moving onto my birthday giveaway! One person will receive all of these goodies and some extras… Brands include Sephora, Estée Lauder, Too Faced, Tony Moly, Ted Baker, Eve Lom, Ren, MUR, EcoTools and lots more! To enter on Instagram simply follow me and comment tagging a friend you would share it with (you don’t have to share if ..). For entry via Twitter simply retweet and follow me. On Facebook let me know who you would share it with if you decided to in the comments. The winner will be picked the day after my birthday which is a January 1st and there will be two runner up prizes… Good luck everyone! X x x

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  1. Nike,Zara & H&M stirrup ones look really great and I’m going to buy them so thank you sooo much for this post!!!
    Love all the prizes and I would share with my mum because she shares birthday with you 🙂
    Merry Christmas & I hope you’ll have amazing time with your loved ones :)*

  2. I know wat you talking about leggings some are really thin or thicki had bough some at target and one was so see through i wear them only in my house but they are other ones that are really cozy i like those ones

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