What we love about Christmas

What we love about Christmas

I really feel like Christmas has crept round quickly this year- more so than usual! My family all love Christmas and go all out with the festive vibes.

At my home it’s a time when all the family go to my mums for a few days. Myself and sister love just having a quiet night in at our parents with new comfies, blankets, food and films on Christmas Eve. The excitement is still very much alive in our household… everyone has a stocking (we do our parents one each) and normally I’m in mine before 6am! Now we are older we have to eat breakfast before it’s time to open presents. After all that excitement I can’t lie..I normally fall asleep for a bit! All in all I love everything about Christmas but I especially love that it’s real family time. 

I asked some other bloggers what they love most about Christmas…. so here is what my what we love about Christmas…

No tv, no iPods, no mobile phones or consoles – until 6pm at least. Just good old fashioned family time, playing games, talking and cuddling. Love it!! Carsonsmummy.co.uk 

I love the family games and laughter! No matter your mood Christmas Day is a time for happiness, laughter and most importantly loved ones ❤ Www.thesmallestofthings.com

I love how regardless of what’s going on in everyone’s lives everyone comes together and spends quality time together. Everyone is so busy that it’s nice to take a step back and relax together. www.rhianwestbury.co.uk

The quiet moments after dinner when everyone is relaxed, happy and full. That is really the only time my whole family are together and content. Then the chaos as we break open games and the wine ensues and the magic is gone.  www.thetingthing.com

Giving someone a really good present and their reaction when they love it 🙂 www.codiekinz.co.uk

Christmas Dinner then a long walk. Back just in time for everybody to have a snooze then presents, more food and games! Www.Notaperfectparent.com

I love spending time together as a family without the usual distractions of life. I also love our Christmas Day walk up to the pub 😊 http://www.gypsysoul.co.uk

Waking up with my little girl on Christmas morning opening our Christmas stockings in my bed ❤ www.hecticdiabectic.com

I love spending time with my family, giving them gifts that I think they will love and cherishing the memories. www.jennaslife.co.uk

I like to nap, I love to nap, napping on Christmas day is a MUST 😉 LOL www.lifeinabreakdown.com

I *always* manage to end up eating chocolate for Christmas breakfast in some form, and I get a real kick out of watching our dogs try to open their presents. www.keelys-nails.com

Dinner is a meal I look forward to most, especially if it’s something a little different from the norm. A home-cured salmon appetiser to start is always well received. For the main course, a succulent roast goose, or a whole duck flavoured with orange and Christmas spices is a wonderful centrepiece. Dessert, be it traditional pudding or a chocolatey affair, is best accompanied by cool and crunchy marmalade on toast ice cream. Www.flavourseeker.co.uk

The excitement on my children’s face when they see the magic Christmas and that Father Christmas left them a present. Www.amyandtots.com

The one day of the year where I WILL eat as much chocolate as I want and not feel in any way guilty 😉 www.mytunbridgewells.com

Its all about the food at Christmas. From the big supermarket shop to a weeks worth of leftovers – everything just tastes so much better at Christmas. www.georginadoes.co.uk

40 winks on the sofa after lunch hoping nobody notices because my paper hat has ‘fallen’ over my eyes.

Family, food, the crazy dog and all the family traditions that remain the same year after year is what I love. It’s the perfect holiday! www.scampinchips.co.uk

I love having a glass of champagne in the morning! it feels so naughty but it’s completely ok because its CHRISTMAS DAY ! www.meandbmaketea.com

I love waking up in the morning with my kids excited and asking over and over, where their presents are. Wanting to go downstairs but unable to unless I go down. Making a brew whilst they dive in. Sitting and drinking a brew whilst they open all their presents, watching the excitement on their faces.

I loved reading comments while doing what we love about Christmas. Unfortunately not everyone has family and friends around them at Christmas. For some it’s a time that can compound loneliness, I don’t think anyone should ever feel like this this though. Beauty Queen UK  has a post I’d love for you to read if anyone does feel alone.

Happy Christmas everyone, I really hope you all have a lovely few days. Xxx

p.s I’d also love to say happy wedding anniversary to an amazing blogger that has helped me lots! BQUK x


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  1. For me Christmas is all about family or your loved ones & I always try to include everyone I know who is alone (I’m always baking&cooking so my house is always full and that’s something I love ) & just spending time with them relaxes me…..

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