Gingerbread House

Gingerbread house kit from IKEA

A gingerbread house is something I always want to make at Christmas but rarely have time. I think the last time was about four years ago to be honest and I conveniently forgot how little patience I have… I bought a kit from IKEA for £2.45 and another from Tiger for £3.

Gingerbread House Once I opened both I realised they were exactly the same but with slightly different packaging. To be honest that wasn’t an issue for me as I bought two just in case I had an accident with one.

What do you get in a gingerbread house kit;

  • Two roof panels
  • Two side wall panels
  • A house front panel
  • A house back panel
  • Two angled chimney pieces
  • Two square chimney pieces

What do you need to buy;

  • Icing sugar powder
  • Sweets to decorate
  • Flat surface

Gingerbread House

It looks easy doesn’t it? It isn’t!

I’m ashamed to say it but this was not easy at all! So you need to ‘glue’ the gingerbread house together with icing sugar… That sounds like something a toddler could do doesn’t it? Unfortunately that isn’t the case- I wish it was.

So my walls fell down and the roof caved in, I also snapped one piece of my gingerbread house in my heavy handedness. Thankfully I had a spare wall to help me out of my sticky house building mess. To finally get it to stand and set I used to two Sharpie pens inside to hold the internal walls. Then I used four cups against each wall to help keep them standing. Finally it worked! Next I made the chimney so it could dry ready to pop on the roof. After about half an hour (I did say I was impatient) I balanced the roof by propping it on the tops of the walls. Then finally added the chimney.

I let the gingerbread house dry while I had dinner then got all my decorating bits and bobs out- fun bit. I decided to use chocolate pebble flakes, mini fudge bits and chocolate stars from Waitrose. My snow is more icing sugar with some white edible glitter. Obviously you can be a lot more artistic and creative than I have been.

In hindsight I will be honest.. I am going to superglue my house together next year. That is partly down to me not wanting to eat it and have it out on display and partly because it may be easier. I’ll only use icing sugar for glue again if it is for people to actually eat. As the gingerbread house is only £2.45 this kit is not exactly breaking the bank.

Gingerbread House

This is my finished gingerbread house, what do you think? If you are looking for a Christmas activity to do then this was fun to do so I would recommend giving it a go. If you are going to do this with children then I would think about making it then letting them decorate it. Have you made a gingerbread house this year?

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  1. For doing it first time it looks amazing!!! I love to bake everything myself & then glue everything and I leave my little cousins & nieces to decorate (they love it)

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