Favourite Christmas films and programmes

Favourite Christmas films and programmes

I don’t want you to think my family spend the whole of the Christmas period in front of the TV as you read this favourite Christmas films and programmes post… However home for me is in the middle of nowhere! That means it is not the easiest to go out at night for a drink and we are used to the roads being bad. To be honest I am not complaining at all as I love everything about being at home. The internet is normally naff so there is no Sky catch-up and Netflix that most of us take for granted. I am making it sound like I am from the dark ages aren’t I… It is just that streaming is not a viable option (hard to believe in 2016 isn’t it).

So the whole family have their favourite Christmas films and programmes and I thought I would share them with you. Maybe it will give you some ideas or maybe it will save looking at the planner/ TV guide.

Random fact.. my family still get a TV guide at Christmas for some reason even though there is a planner on the TV (no idea why). Annoyingly this years runs from December 17th to December 30th… erm what about NYE for us boring folk?

Favourite Christmas films and programmes

I am going to guess and hope most of you have seen all these films, if not go and buy them now! They are all oldish so not expensive to buy and films that can be watched over and over again in my opinion. The Home Alone box set was about £6 in HMV this week including Home Alone 3- they should have stopped at 2… Miracle on 34th Street was £2.99 I think.

My favourite family Christmas films tend to be of the feel good variety.

  • Elf
  • National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • Home Alone
  • Home Alone 2
  • Christmas with the Kranks
  • Jack Frost
  • The Santa Clause

What programmes will I be watching over the festive period and think you shouldn’t miss…or should record.

  • 18th 2.05pm Inkheart C4
  • 20th 9pm Paul O’Grady’s Favourite Fairy Tales
  • Christmas Eve 8pm Birds of a Feather ITV
  • Christmas Day 8pm Call the Midwife BBC1
  • Christmas Day 10.30pm Mrs Brown’s Boys BBC1
  • Boxing Day 8.30pm Open All Hours Still BBC1
  • 28th 9pm Jonathan’s Creek BBC1
  • 29th 8pm Creatures of the Cold BBC1

If you’ve got Sky then The Grinch, Zootropolis and The Jungle Book will all be available. I love all of these films especially Zootropolis. I have all three on DVD so they will be making the trip home with me to the Shire.

What other good films are on? Get ready the list is big…

  • 17th 1.35pm Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium ITV
  • 17th 3pm Odd Life if Timothy Green BBC2
  • 18th 2.55pm National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation ITV
  • 18th 12.55am Before I Go to Sleep C4
  • 18th 11.05pm About a Boy C4
  • 19th 1.45pm Cool Runnings BBC1
  • 20th 1.45pm Rise of the Guardians BBC1
  • 20th 11.05pm Predators Film4
  • 21st 8.35am Flight of the Navigator BBC2 (childhood favourite)
  • 21st 5.20pm The Borrowers C5
  • 22nd 1.45pm Santa Clause BBC1
  • 22nd 3.40pm How to Train Your Dragon BBC1
  • 23rd 12 noon Sister Act BBC2
  • 23rd 3.45pm Five Children and It C5
  • 24th 11.20am Despicable Me ITV
  • 24th 2.45pm Splash BBC2
  • 24th 9pm The Lady in the Van  BBC2
  • 25th 3.10pm The Lion King ITV
  • 25th 6pm Home Alone C4
  • 25th 11pm Love Actually ITV
  • 26th 2.40pm Brave BBC1
  • 27th 11.05pm Dirty Dancing C5
  • 27th 12.40am The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • 28th 10.25pm Jaws ITV
  • 30th 2pm Labyrinth C5
  • 30th 4.10 Wreck-It Ralph BBC1

Wondering what’s new to Netflix? Click the link to find out. If like me you travel home via the train I have some great news about Netflix, you can now download certain films and programmes.

Looking for some new series to watch and catch up on? I am a box set addict so hopefully can help you out here. I watch a mix of genres if I’m honest.

  • WestWorld
  • Stranger Things
  • Dexter
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  • Zoo
  • The Returned
  • Between
  • Glitch
  • Designated Survivor

So what do you think of my favourite Christmas films and programmes? I know there is a random mix there… What is your favourite Christmas film that you’ll be settling down in comfies to watch?

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