Christmas Eve box

Christmas Eve box and ideas

By now you may have noticed my family goes all out at Christmas… this includes a Christmas Eve box of course. At home everyone gets a present late afternoon or in the evening. For myself and sister it is usually some new comfies and some films for us to watch together. For my parents it is usually a treat of some sort.

As I mentioned in a previous post it’s tradition for us all to stay in which is something I love. It’s an evening of relaxing together and 31 years later something that still takes place and I look forward to. Any cooking has been done earlier on in the day so no one needs to be in kitchen or tidying up.

This year I decided to make a Christmas Eve box for us all to enjoy.

Christmas Eve box

Items that will be perfect for a Christmas Eve Box;

  • Treats to eat
  • Things to drink
  • Games
  • DVDs
  • Activities that are age suitable (if you have younger children)
  • Craft things

Christmas Eve box

My mum wanted an enamel planter for Christmas (exciting I know..) so I used this instead of a basket. This white planter was £6 from IKEA and it comes with little wooden feet you can find it here.

The treats I included are from Baru which is a brand I am obsessed with! Everything I have tried tastes delicious. I am addicted to the Marshmallow Crunchy Cashew bars which you need to try if you see them. The Salty Caramel hot chocolate has crunchy caramel pieces in it which make it even more tasty and a lovely treat. Each of the boxes have 4 mini Baru marshmallow bites in them. One of these boxes is Sea Salt Caramel and the other is Dark Caramel, the Sea Salt is my favourite out of the two and is lovely dipped in the hot chocolate.

You can buy from Baru directly, Amazon, Waitrose, Harvey Nichols, Garraways and selected retailers. Currently on Garraways 18 large bars are only £15.50 so a great price. The boxes of 4 mini bites are on offer at Waitrose at the moment for £2.24 if you’d like to try a few. It is also worth keeping an eye on the Baru site as they have offers, at the moment there is a free tote with some orders.

I have seen a Barú Vanilla Chai Latte Drinking Powder too which I think sounds like it would be gorgeous in coffees. My family are not big coffee drinkers so I thought I would save that for another time.

Christmas Eve box

I actually got these games as a present from a friend so I have put them in the Christmas Eve box for us all to play. One isn’t actually a game, its some festive jokes. We lovely cheesy jokes in my house, here’s an example- brace yourself…

What mobile phone contact does Santa have?

Pay as you ho, ho, ho!

One game is called Ding where there are festive topics on cards such as ‘brussels sprouts’ and ‘waiting up for Santa’. The person who picked the card has to talk for 90 seconds about their topic without repeating themselves or pausing. There are more rules but that is the main gist of it so it is fairly simple.

The second game is The Small Space Word Race. This similar to a mini Scrabble and will be good for children to play as well as adults. This is the sort of thing I would play with my sister while waiting for food or with my goddaughter (who I would let win). If you are looking for something to keep kids entertained that is small then this game would be perfect. The zippers on each side also allow you to easily keep scores recorded.

The last item that is in my Christmas Eve box is a DVD for us all to watch. I have wrapped it up nicely and added a rustic tree decoration as a nice touch.

I know not everyone has time to gather things together like I have. If not why not get a premade box to take the hassle out like this one from Sweet Bella Gifts, there are still a few days left to order so don’t panic.


Are you making a Christmas Eve box this year? Have I tempted you with any of these treats….?

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