Holiday toiletry essentials and checklist

Just like my holiday makeup essentials I tried to cut down on my toiletries to just take my holiday toiletry essentials as well…. Not only do I end up not using everything it weighs quite a bit too. I always use a good bag that can help minimise damage a leak can do if that were to happen. This one is quite sturdy […]


Holiday makeup essentials 

If you read my blog it’s quite likely you are a fellow makeup addict?! If that is the case you might need some help with your holiday makeup essentials… Although I absolutely love makeup I have a tendency to take too much away with  me and wear hardly any. Sound familiar to anyone? Finally this year I have whittled it […]


What to wear to travel and travels tips

You might have seen some holiday photos by now if you follow me on social media. What to wear to travel is part two of my getting holiday ready posts. What to pack in your hand luggage is here. What to wear to travel sounds really obvious I know… but everyone likes a few tips especially if you have left it […]


What to pack in your hand luggage

So it’s holiday time for me this week! I can’t wait for some sunshine and cocktails…I always worry I’m going to forget something though so thought I’d do a full list of what to pack in your hand luggage. Firstly do make sure your bag is not too big. I’ve seen people with big wheel on cases that unfortunately haven’t […]