Selfridges beauty event 💕

So last Thursday I attended Selfridges beauty event, did anyone else go? If you didn’t watch out for their next one as I had a great evening. It was a ticket event that cost £10 but this came off any purchase so was basically free since I have no problems finding things to buy here! There was a free goody bag with […]


The Body Shop opening day 

Hi lovelies! So I was lucky enough to be invited to two Body Shop events in conjunction with the Bloggers Parlour. If you are a fellow blogger I cannot recommend signing up to hear about events strongly enough! Everything is run by Abbigayle Warner seamlessly without a hitch and who is always happy to help with any questions. I briefly mentioned here that […]


Can you spot the fake Too Faced Chocolate Bar..? 

Hope you are all having a great day? So this post will be all about comparing a fake Too Faced Chocolate Bar and a genuine Too Faced Chocolate Bar. I’m sure everyone knows the hidden dangers of fake makeup but if you don’t here is a quick recap. Fake makeup and skincare is not regulated so never has to pass any […]


My week in pictures including Garthmyl Hall 📷📸

How’s your week been everyone? Mine has been quite calm and not hectic for a change. With a lovely Sunday spent in Wales at Garthmyl Hall which my lovely friend Julia has been renovating with her family.  Obviously I need supplies to get me through the journey from Birmingham in the form of coffee, sunglasses, lipbalm and hand cream! Once I arrived […]


Jean Pierre Lip Mask review..💋

Anyone that follows me on Instagram  would have seen a picture of me part way through trying these moisturising lip masks…sorry for the scare! I bought these from TKMax for £2 since the box wasn’t full, for a full box it’s £5.99. What the box has to say: This gel lip mask will moisturise and repair damaged lips. Infused with […]


My week in pictures 📷📸 including outfit of the day

Hope you’ve all had a great week and a lovely weekend? Here is what I have been up to in pictures. Saturday I popped into town briefly and this was my outfit of the day.. I love this outfit as its just so comfortable and great when I’m not sure how warm it is going to be. I swear I’ve […]


Holika Holika Baby Silky Foot mask…aka moisturising mask

Holika Holika Baby Silky Foot mask was a good treat for my tootsies after the foot peel I did not so long ago.    Holika Holika Baby Silky Foot mask can be purchased from a number of suppliers such as Amazon and Ebay. The price will differ so do shop around, I think the cheapest I found was around £2.99. However there […]


HOLIKA HOLIKA Baby Silky Foot one shot peeling review…

This post is about HOLIKA HOLIKA Baby Silky Foot- WARNING!!! Please do not scroll down if you are squeamish this post is about a foot peel! Right well, you’ve been warned now so this is my experience of HOLIKA HOLIKA Baby Silky Foot one shot peeling. Everything I need was provided in my box.. Included was a pair of booties […]


Oils of life by the Body Shop

Oils of life by the Body Shop is the latest addition their skincare collection. I’ve got a lot of time for face oils as you may have previously noticed in other posts I’ve done so was excited to try this range.. It’s the Oils of life by The Body Shop range that includes a few products and out of them […]


My week in pictures..

It’s been a busy but great week for me so I thought I’d share some of the fun I’ve had from beauty to my all time favourite food in my week in pictures.   My own Franks hot sauce wings…  Vs Nosh & Quaff hot wings I am in love with Franks hot sauce and have been for a long time! […]