July Blogger Box review and unboxing

If you haven’t heard of this box before it’s a beauty box aimed solely at beauty bloggers. It’s put together by a fellow blogger called Vix Meldrew it is available here. It’s £10 including postage so amazing value. July Blogger Box was no exception. June Blogger Box brings three brands I’ve not heard of before. I’m always excited to find out about new […]


May Blogger Box review and unboxing

You may have seen my previous Blogger Box posts but if you haven’t in a nutshell it’s a beauty box for bloggers that costs £10 including postage. This box usually introduces me to brands I have not tried before and May Blogger Box delivers once again on this front. Let’s start with my favourite product from the May Blogger Box which is from Puriskin. Nurse […]


Lee Stafford Chopstick Curling Wand review 

I’ve heard a lot about the Lee Stafford chopstick curling wand and finally decided to buy it to test on my hard to style hair. In a nutshell I have long, fine and straight hair that doesn’t like doing anything but staying straight as a poker! It might be hard to believe but this is my hair with volume… I’ve wanted curly […]

Kiehl’s Rice & Wheat Volumising Shampoo review 

So I should start by saying I have long fine hair so I can do with all the help I can get! I’ve tried volume promising products before and most end up being a disappointment if I’m honest. I’m sure some actually end up weighing my hair down so do the opposite of what they claim. I thought I’d try […]


Become Maya Black Gold of The Sun Haircare review 

So a while ago I went to a beauty event at Birmingham NEC and was lucky enough to meet the founder of Become Maya. I’d heard of the brand through a previous Beauty Blogger Box where I’d briefly spoke about this product. It was great to talk to Michelle and find out why she’d created Become Maya. In a nutshell Michelle wanted a […]