Christmas Eve box

Christmas Eve box and ideas

By now you may have noticed my family goes all out at Christmas… this includes a Christmas Eve box of course. At home everyone gets a present late afternoon or in the evening. For myself and sister it is usually some new comfies and some films for us to watch together. For my parents it is usually a treat of […]

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread house kit from IKEA

A gingerbread house is something I always want to make at Christmas but rarely have time. I think the last time was about four years ago to be honest and I conveniently forgot how little patience I have… I bought a kit from IKEA for £2.45 and another from Tiger for £3. Once I opened both I realised they were exactly […]


Homemade Gift Wrap and Tags

Every year I make some homemade gift wrap and tags. You can end up spending a fortune on both if you are like me and go crazy every Christmas… An added bonus is that it looks exactly how you want it to and can make your gift look even more thoughtful (no judging if you buy wrapping though). Not everyone has time […]