Vegan Makeup Brushes- Spectrum Contour Face Set

Everyone has seen Spectrum brushes and if you haven’t where have you been?  I have the Spectrum Contour Face Set and I really was stalking the postman waiting for these to arrive. Instagram is full of snaps of these pretty brushes and I can completely see why. They really are the prettiest brushes I have ever had so I almost didn’t […]


Octobers Primark Haul

Over the weekend I went to Lakeside for the first time so of course had to do a Primark haul! I was in my element as its huge… I knew I had to carry anything I bought back to Birmingham so I was sensible (unfortunately). As you can see I still did well even though I was trying to be […]

Shadow Switch

Shadow Switch review and video

The Shadow Switch makes life so much easier if you are a fellow makeup addict or love doing eye makeup. In a nutshell the Shadow Switch is a dry brush cleaner. Lets be honest when doing your eye makeup its a pain having to use so may different brushes so colours don’t transfer isn’t it? Its by a brand called […]


Mac Nutcracker Holiday Collection

The Mac Nutcracker Holiday Collection has been released early and I expect some of it to sell out quickly! The packaging some have said is not very Christmas like but when I think of the Nutcracker play I think of Christmas. So onto what is in the collection… How cute are these Mac Nutcracker Holiday Collection mini lipsticks? The kits […]


Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham collection with swatches

The Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham collection was one I had been desperate to get my hands on. I buy a lot of Estee Lauder so expected great things from this collaboration. Like many other beauty addicts I saw the Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham collection in press releases previous to the launch date. Certain items in the  Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham collection have […]


Little Bit Lavish Sweet Dreams

Little Bit Lavish Sweet Dreams was the October box and it is yet another fabulous box! This months box is all about relaxing and getting the perfect nights sleep.Start by running yourself a bath and using a handful of bath salts such as Bloomtown Botanicals. The Little Bit Lavish Sweet Dreams box has got the Bloomtown Botanicals Rose Garden bath salts […]


How to fix a broken nail step by step

How to fix a broken nail was not something I ever wanted to find out about to be honest! The thought of it slightly turns my stomach.. However I got a bit careless whilst making chips and watching Netflix at the same time. This might be too much detail but I basically cut through my nail to my nail bed (not […]


Soap and Glory Christmas collection

I’m sorry I know it’s October but the shops are filling up with gifts already! The Soap and Glory Christmas collection exclusive to Boots is always extremely popular. This year won’t be any different judging by some of the amazing gifts on offer! Here’s just a few of the gorgeous gifts available that are as always 3 for 2. The set that […]

My Little Box October

My Little Box October Review

My Little Box October has a Brooklyn theme this month, with 734’000 visitors from France last year alone it’s extremely popular! This is a French beauty box remember…The first thing that caught my attention was nail treatment. This is affordable at £7 although for now is only available in France. This treatment smells slightly like orange but that goes quite quickly. You literally just dab on […]


Zoella My Travels backpack Star Gift

This Zoella My Travels is an offer that’s too good to refuse for me! On Friday October 14th this gift set will be £26 at Boots. Even if you are not a Zoella fan it’s a great set. I’m thinking about getting two and saving one for a present. I have a blush backpack like this from Zara and that was £19.99 […]