Moo business card review

So I finally ordered some business hands and I used Moo after a quick Google. I struggled to find too many reviews though so thought it might be handy for someone else if I did a Moo business card review.

Moo business card reviewI ordered on a Friday afternoon and picked standard delivery. My Moo business card order arrived the following Thursday so they took less than a week which I think is fast for something that’s personalised. 50 cards cost £17.66 after using a code someone gave me.

Moo business card reviewI decided to design the cards myself but you can pick from images and designs that are already on Moo. I used a flat lay picture that I felt reflects my blog. You could use a logo or header if you have one. It was relatively easy to do this using my iPad which is handy for those of you who don’t use a laptop. There is also a range of corners, finishes and card to pick from. My preferences as you can see were rounded corners, matte finish in the standard card.

Moo business card reviewEverything can be edited from the spacing to the font and colour. I’m not exactly a design whizz but I was happy with the outcome. There is a preview of both sides so you can easily check before ordering if you are happy with everything. If you do want to edit something it’s extremely easily to go back and change things.

I decided to get these printed as I’ve been asked a few times now for a business card and obviously I didn’t have any to hand out. To be honest I didn’t realise I’d need them as a blogger… They are really handy to have at blogging events not just for brands but for general networking with other bloggers. It goes without saying it looks more professional to have a card rather than having to write down you details. My handwriting could rival a stereotypical doctors scrawl so really I should have done this sooner!

If you do decide to order some some feel free to use my link here to get 10% off. (I do also get discount on my next order)

Do you already have cards? If you do have you found them handy? I have to say I am really impressed with Moo business card pack.


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