Blogmas and Christmas blog ideas for December

So it’s that time of year when bloggers are thinking about posts for December. There are some that have already finished actually! I absolutely love Christmas so have plenty ideas for Blogmas and Christmas blog ideas that I thought I’d share with you.

Some bloggers do blogmas which entails blogging every day for December. Other bloggers do every day until Christmas Eve. It does take a lot of time so a lot choose to follow their usual schedule or cut it down a bit. Everyone gets busy in December so don’t feel bad if you feel like you can not blog as frequently as usual. Whatever you decide to do just enjoy it and have a fabulous month.

Blogmas and Christmas blog ideas

Blogmas and Christmas blog ideas

  1. Christmas recipes such as biscuits, cake or winter warmers
  2. Christmas theme drinks like hot chocolate, mulled wine or cocktails
  3. Homemade gift-wrapping
  4. Homemade cards or labels
  5. Homemade gift ideas
  6. Gift guides for females
  7. Gift guides for men
  8. Your family traditions
  9. Secret Santa ideas
  10. Winter outfit of the day or how to style an item different ways
  11. Christmas makeup collections
  12. Christmas makeup looks
  13. Ideas for what to wear on Christmas Day
  14. Ideas for what to wear to a Christmas party or New Years Eve
  15. Your wish list
  16. Christmas when you were younger
  17. Tips for the sales
  18. About Christmas markets
  19. Christmas Eve box
  20. Stocking filler ideas
  21. Your advent calendar or calendars
  22. Perfect cosy night in
  23. What was your best Christmas
  24. What you got for Christmas this year
  25. What happens in your home on Christmas
  26. Budget presents
  27. Personalised present ideas
  28. Looking back over your year
  29. Christmas tree and where you go for decorations
  30. Christmas shopping haul
  31. Your favourite Christmas films
  32. Your Christmas playlist
  33. How to make crackers
  34. Trends or collections that are coming soon
  35. Christmas giveaway if you would like to do one
  36. Christmas jumpers
  37. New Years resolutions
  38. Christmas or New Years Eve game ideas
  39. Elf on a shelf ideas
  40. Left over Christmas food ideas
  41. Festive nails ideas
  42. Christmas candles
  43. Do a collaboration with another blogger- I’m looking to do a Q&A with someone…
  44. Your favourite beauty buys this year
  45. Your favourite fashion buys this year
  46. Gingerbread house building and decorating (you could buy one and decorate..)
  47. Letter to Santa
  48. Ideas for where to go for New Year
  49. Traditions around the world
  50. Looking after your skin in winter
  51. Favourite red lipsticks
  52. Dealing with holiday stress
  53. Diaries for the new year
  54. Christmas stationary post
  55. On Christmas Eve do a post to say Happy Christmas and maybe list when sales start

Have they helped you with Blogmas and Christmas blog ideas at all? Do you have any other ideas that I have missed?

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4 thoughts on “Blogmas and Christmas blog ideas for December

    1. It’s a lot of time to take out at a busy time of year isn’t it? If I hadn’t started scheduling this month I’d struggle to be honest. Glad you liked the ideas 😘. Xx

  1. My blog has gone a bit stale lately with me just posting a random post here and there to “keep it going” This sounds like a great idea to inject some new life into it. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    1. Hope they help ☺️. I think everyone can hit a bit of brick wall sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with a break if you need it though. Xx

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