Unwash your hair

Unwash haircare range.. Unwash your hair

I’ve been looking forward to doing this Unwash post because I’ve loved using everything to be honest. I am lazy when it comes to my hair so less is more in my world.

Unwash your hair

I have got the travel kit here and the dry cleanser. Unwash is a brand that is new to me so I had a look on their website to see what it says about their range of products.

Simplified Hair Care

A collective, interchangeable and gentle approach to hair.

Gentle Cleansing

Cationic Cleansers act like magnets to remove daily dirt without disrupting the cuticle.

Healthier Hair

Ingredients that nourish, condition and protect hair for improved manageability.

No Sulfate Detergents

No sulfate detergents or parabens so hair isn’t stripped of natural oils.

Reduces Dry Time

The Emulsion Co-Wash Method doesn’t disrupt cuticle so hair does not absorb excess moisture.

Safe For All

Safe for color-treated hair and great for all hair types, but ideal for hair with natural texture or curl

Its sounds impressive doesn’t it?

Unwash your hair In case it has gone unnoticed I have quite dark hair so usually shy away from dry shampoo which is what the Dry Cleanser is comparable to. Normally a dry shampoo leaves a white residue that I can’t shift. Even the dark hair shampoos don’t look right as they can leave my roots a different colour to the rest of my hair. I cannot be the only person that finds this I hope?

With Unwash Dry Cleanser it sprays almost clear so I didn’t need to worry about looking prematurely grey! This product claims to refresh, banish excess oil and be residue free. Residue free is something it does lives up to as it is basically clear so suitable for any hair colour. My hair no longer looked limp after I used it as it did absorb excess oil. The scent reminds me of fresh washing but isn’t overwhelming.

One of the ingredients caught my eye was volcanic ash. This isn’t something I’ve noticed in a product before. It is this natural ingredient that absorbs excess oils according to the Unwash site.

To use I shook the can really well and spayed from half an arms length away focusing on my roots. I like to apply this to my hair, do my make up and then brush through after I have finished my makeup. Having naturally quite fine hair I loved the added bonus of my hair having more volume than usual as well.

This is a full size and costs $28 for 147ml there is also a travel size available for $9. At the exchange rate today that’s roughly £22. That may seem quite steep for a dry shampoo but being completely honest this something I will be replacing. Its the first dry shampoo type product that has actually worked for me.

Unwash your hair

Anti-Residue Cleanse isn’t something I need to use every time I wash my hair as I don’t use hair products frequently like hairspray. It is for removing build-up without stripping away natural oils and used as you would a shampoo. This can be used on its own or followed with the Hydrating Masque.

I use this after I have used the Dry Cleanser to remove any residue. The consistency is a cross between jelly and gel which I know sounds strange. You do not need to use a lot to work up a good lather and you can feel your hair getting clean. You work this through your hair through from your roots to the ends. The first time I used it I didn’t follow with anything and my hair was literally squeaky clean. It dried really nicely and I couldn’t tell that I had not used a conditioner.

If you use a lot of products this is the equivalent to a clarifying shampoo without the need to use a conditioner afterwards.

This is priced at $32 for 400ml which works out to roughly £25 which is quite a large size. The size I have is 74ml and less than a fifth of the size and I’ve not finished it still after about 5 washes.

Unwash your hair

Next in my travel Unwash set is the Bio-Cleansing Conditioner. Its a none lather product that I would say is more an every day or regular use item. Bio-Cleansing Conditioner removes everyday build-up rather than hair heavy with styling products.

This is my usual cleanser/ shampoo if I haven’t used any products. I wash my hair about every third or fourth day and happily use it on its own. My hair doesn’t feel weighed down and again it smells really clean like fresh washing. I feel like I should mention my hair doesn’t tangle like I thought it would if I didn’t use a conditioner afterwards. Like the Anti-residue Cleanse you work this through from your roots to your tips and don’t need very much (about 50p amount).

400ml of Bio-Cleansing Conditioner is $36 which is roughly £29 and is available in 3 sizes.

Unwash your hair

Lastly is the Hydrating Masque which is essentially a deep conditioning hair mask. As with all the products this can be used on its own or after one of the other two hair wash products. The texture is much like a normal hair mask with a thick and creamy consistency. It really reminds me of the smell of sweets but I can not think which at the moment… maybe foam shrimps?

I have only used this twice, once was after I had used my chopstick curler and felt my hair needed some TLC. I decided to use the Anti-Residue Cleanse first then this mask and my hair felt absolutely amazing. All the product build-up was washed out and my hair felt extremely soft and manageable after washing.

The second time I used this I since I hadn’t got any products on my hair but it had been curled. It felt just as nice as previously so I was impressed. If you haven’t used hair styling products on your hair I don’t think you need to use anything else with the Hydrating Masque.

190ml is $34 and converts to roughly £27. It is not a product that needs to be used every time you wash your hair which is why its a smaller size I imagine.

The travel set that I have here with the wash trio is priced at $25 which works out to £25 roughly. All of the products can be used on their own or together in different combinations.

All the products are suitable for colour treated hair and free from nasties.

Would I buy or recommend these Unwash products? If you don’t mind a splurge on your hair products I would say yes these are worth trying out as I love everything. I have based my prices on American conversions so they may be slightly cheaper once they are more widely available over here. The one product I will be buying as soon as I can is the Dry Cleanser as its worked amazingly on my hair so I am sold!


*I was sent these products to review but all views are my own and are not influenced in any way. All opinions and photos are entirely my own.

3 thoughts on “Unwash haircare range.. Unwash your hair

  1. I had such a different experience with this range when I was sent it to review. The Bio Cleanser and Masque just coated my hair leaving it so greasy and lank – my hair has never looked so awful. After sticking with it a few washes to see if it worked I ended up giving set away and just keeping the dry shampoo.

    1. No idea if it makes a difference but I don’t have coloured hair and don’t use heat products very often (not that it should). I haven’t used the Bio Cleanser and Masque together either so not sure if that’s why? The only time I used two products was when I used the Anti-Residue and Masque after using styling products with the chopstick curler. What did the other person think to the set and did you get on with the dry shampoo? Xx

      1. The dry shampoo was nice but after giving the set away I have wondered if the dry shampoo had contributed to the buildup actually. Also I was surprised that at least one of the products has silicones really high up on the ingredients list, so again maybe a culprit? I gave it away to a refuge I regularly donate excess toiletries to so I couldn’t say how they got on with it. X

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