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Sweet Bella Gifts for any occasion

There’s always that person that you struggle to buy for isn’t there?  Sweet Bella Gifts have a box for every occasion which should take some of the stress out of buying for those people. I found Sweet Bella Gifts by accident thanks to Bloomtown Botanicals (random I know). I love Bloomtown Botanicals and noticed that Sweet Bella Gifts features them in some gifts (good choice in my opinion) so naturally had a nosey.

Sweet Bella Gifts is relatively new so I was really looking forward to trying out their boxes.

Sweet Bella Gifts
How gorgeous is this friendship box? You can tell straight away that Danielle has put a lot of thought into the brands that are in each of these boxes including this one.

Sweet Bella Gifts

I have wanted to try Miss Millar’s marshmallows for quite a while now after seeing them pop up on social media. The cute quote mug is just perfect for a box to send to friend or someone that needs a pick me up. Now not everyone likes tea and not everyone likes hot chocolate so there is a choice, neither of which will disappoint. Teapigs are my favourite brand when it comes to a cup of tea so it’s a brand I am happy to see. Sarah Bunton is a new brand to me but I am not complaining in any way. This hot chocolate stirrer tastes divine and I’ll now be on the hunt for some more to go in my Christmas Eve box.

Lastly there are two Bloomtown Botanical soaps which are free from animal products and nasties. Both are variations of shea and coconut, they smell lovely without being overwhelming. If it wasn’t for this brand I never would have found Sweet Bella Gifts. The fact they are included in these boxes was a good indicator to me. I wasn’t wrong, I’d highly recommend having a look to treat yourself or someone you know.

I have got a Christmas box on the way and I cannot wait to see what is inside it! Of course I will be sharing with all of you once it is here.

Sweet Bella Gifts

There are a lot of premade boxes ready to order from pamper night boxes, bridesmade boxes to baby boxes. If you would like specific items putting together drop Danielle a message and I am sure she will be able to help you out.

What do you think? My birthday is New Years Eve and I know sometimes friends and family struggle to think of what to get me as it is so close to Christmas. This is the perfect solution if you have anyone’s birthday coming up and are in that boat with a mind blank.

Would you be happy to receive one of these Sweet Bella Gifts as a present? If you are thinking of buying one of these use the code VC1o to get 10% off. Thank me later!

How about a treat for yourself…. I have got one of these boxes to give away to one of my lovely readers. It’s really simple to enter all you need to do is follow me on Instagram  and follow Sweet Bella Gifts as well as liking the post. The winner will be randomly picked on December 11th.


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  1. What a lovely little box. Yep, I have loads of people who are difficult to buy for. I love the quirky elements of this too – like the quote on the mug. Tx

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