Vegan Makeup Brushes- Spectrum Contour Face Set

Everyone has seen Spectrum brushes and if you haven’t where have you been?  I have the Spectrum Contour Face Set and I really was stalking the postman waiting for these to arrive. Instagram is full of snaps of these pretty brushes and I can completely see why. They really are the prettiest brushes I have ever had so I almost didn’t want to use them!

Spectrum Contour Face Set

The Spectrum contour face set contains;

  • B01 – Flat Top Buffer
  • B02 – Domed Buffer
  • C03 – Tulip Powder
  • C04 – Angled Powder

I’ll be honest I pay no attention to what brushes are meant to be used for. However if you are not too sure what to use each brush for I’ll fill you in.

Spectrum Contour Face Set
Spectrum Powder Brushes- £8.99 each
So here are the two buffer brushes. The flat top buffer brush is used for applying foundation all over your face nice and evenly. Then the domed buffer brush is for buffing in your product following the flat top buffer brush.

I wash my brushes a lot- and I mean a lot. So while using these I actually use one and then when I wash it use the other while it is drying. I think your foundation brushes and makeup sponges are the two things you really do need to clean frequently. Mostly because both are used to apply liquid products to your face and obviously can stay damp. Generally my foundation brushes and sponges get washed after every use (does that seem a bit much..). I apply my foundation with a brush then stipple with a damp Beauty Blender on a normal day.

I found both brushes were a medium density and incredibly soft. Unfortunately I can not comment on how they apply powder foundation as I don’t use it but for liquid they apply nicely and don’t waste much product.

Spectrum Contour Face Set
Spectrum Powder Brushes- £8.99 each
Moving onto the two powder brushes.. The tulip/ rounded powder brush is for applying translucent powder or finishing powder. Angled brushes are used for contouring generally.

I use this angled brush for contouring in the stereotypical way. As it’s so soft I like that it doesn’t pick up lots of product because the last thing I am aiming for is stripes. With contouring I recommend building the product rather than going in heavy handed.

The tulip brush I tend to use for applying blusher and it works well for doing this especially if your product is heavily pigmented. Like the angled brush it doesn’t pick up lots of product unless you really work it.

Both brushes are again a medium density and are incredibly soft.

Spectrum Contour Face Set
Spectrum Contour Face Set- £29.99
My brushes arrived in this pink pouch which is useful for travelling with. Personally I like these coloured bristles because I find they don’t look stained as quickly. In my excitement I used these brushes before photographing them so the photos are post-wash. As you can see my foundation and contour powder hasn’t stained them.

In short if you are after some pretty and cruelty free brushes I would recommend looking on the Spectrum site.

The Spectrum Contour Face Set costs £29.99 and I think it covers the basic brushes you’ll need to apply your makeup. Individual brushes are also available and these particular ones are priced at £8.99 each. These four would cost £35.96 so its obviously worth checking out the sets. All Spectrum brushes are synthetic, vegan and cruelty free so will appeal to the vast majority of makeup addicts. If you are not a fan of pink there are a range of colour options including marble, white and black.


Here are a few other Spectrum products to tempt you a bit more… If you sign up to the newsletter you’ll also get 10% off.

Spectrum Contour Face Set Spectrum Contour Face Set






Tip– If you have a brush you don’t use anymore why not use it to apply your facemasks?

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