Sisley the grown up version of a 90’s cucumber peel 

It’s official, I’ve found another holy grail item! Sisley gentle facial buffing cream is the product I’ve been raving about to anyone and everyone since I’ve tried it out. I decided to use it a few times before doing a review to see if my skin would throw a tantrum…the opposite happened in fact.  My sensitive skin loves it!

Sisley Let’s face it most of us secretly or not so secretly like to actually see a product doing something straightaway and this does just that!

It has a fine grain and clay like consistency that you apply in a thin layer over your face and neck whilst avoiding the eye area. It will go slightly transparent after a couple of minutes which means the magic has happened….

The picture on the left is straight after I’ve applied and is quite white as you can see. The picture on the right is after about 5 minutes and I’ve started massaging the cream in resulting in the product balling up along with dead skin cells. I find it amazingly satisfying seeing the now grey product rolling off- obviously make sure you do it somewhere like over the sink rather than in bed lovelies. Afterwards my skin always feels amazing like I’ve just had the most amazing and likely expensive facial! I usually follow up with toner and a nightcream since I’ve only done this at night.

Can I see in any differences after a week?  This is a massive yes!! Firstly I love that this does not feel like I’ve rubbed my face on sandpaper like some do unfortunately. My skin just feels so much cleaner even though I’ve always had a good routine. I swear my it feels smoother which would make sense since this is a fine exfoliater taking away the dead skin. I’m sure my makeup has also gone on better this week as well, I’m sure you can tell I’m head over heels for this💞. Basically this really does what it says it will on the box.

So is it worth it? It’s £55 for the 50ml that I got and a little goes a long way so I can see this tub lasting a while. I’d say yes it’s certainly worth it, as a skincare addict I’ve not tried anything else comparable as of yet.

If you decide to purchase this from Sisley Harvey Nichols currently have a gift with purchase which is also amazing and a great way to try some of the other skincare from the range. There was a a BB sample but I gave it away as it was a tiny bit light for me so isn’t in the picture.

Happy exfoliating and happy Friday 💕.

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  1. You did indeed give the BB cream sample away, to me 🙂 I loved it, it was a really nice product. So happy you’re in love with this too. Now just to save up the pennies and purchase myself a tub! xx

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