Shadow Switch

Shadow Switch review and video

The Shadow Switch makes life so much easier if you are a fellow makeup addict or love doing eye makeup.

In a nutshell the Shadow Switch is a dry brush cleaner. Lets be honest when doing your eye makeup its a pain having to use so may different brushes so colours don’t transfer isn’t it? Its by a brand called Beauty Essentials and is going to be available at Sephora. These are already available to buy at Amazon for £5.99.

Shadow Switch

To use you literally rotate your brush over the surface of the Shadow Switch in a circular action to remove the previous colour. I’d test on your hand or arm to make sure you have removed the product properly. Then you ready for the next colour. It really is as easy as that. Shadow Switch

The Shadow Switch has a sort of brillo pad texture and comes inside a tin with a lid so it is easy to take away with you.

It is also really easy to clean. Simply wash with warm water and soap (or brush cleaner) then leave to dry.

Shadow Switch

What do you think to the Shadow Switch? This would be great addition to any makeup lovers kit especially those of us that dread cleaning brushes so often. I think this time saver will be in a few Christmas stockings this year.


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