Rodial eyeliners and swatches

I’ve been meaning to try out Rodial’s eyeliners for a while now but I don’t tend to wear liner much in the summer. However Autumn will soon be here bringing the smokey eye look with it and these Rodial eyeliners could be perfect…

Rodial eyelinersI have got the black and brown Rodial eyeliners also called Smokey Eye Pens. Both of these retail at £17 each.

Here’s what Rodial has to say;

Draw generously to the upper and lower lash line and along waterline. Blend the line using the eye smudge brush onto the eyelid and into the outer socket line to create a ‘winged’ effect for a modern feline flick. Smudge the bottom lash line using the eye smudge brush to create a smokey eye look.

I tested these as a normal liner and as a smudge liner.

Rodial eyelinerBoth are incredibly smooth and soft to use as well being very pigmented. This is a product that will not tug at all while you apply it. I tested both by applying as normal liner prior to work. Unfortunately maybe because they are so soft I found as normal liner both Rodial eyeliners strayed as the day went on leaving me with dark shadows- not a great look…

Rodial eyelinerThis is smudged once with a liner brush.

Rodial eyelinersThis is smudged twice with a liner brush.

Through the week I tested each pencil smudged to give a smokey eye look. Both were extremely easy to smudge/ blend. This is a plus point of course as some other liners just will not budge! I found both were also buildable for a slightly bolder look as well. Using them this way I didn’t find they strayed or faded at all.

If you are looking for a normal eyeliner I don’t recommend these particular liners. However if you want a liner for a smokey eye look Rodial eyeliners are amazing and really easy to work with. They are marketed as smokey eye products so do exactly what they are meant to.

What pencils do you use for a smokey eye look?


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  1. I got one of these in a beauty box and I agree, they’re great for smudging but not ideal for a normal eyeliner. I also still don’t understand why they’re called pens when they aren’t!?

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