My week in pictures 📸📷 including more food!

So how’s everyone’s week been? Hope you’ve all had a chance to enjoy some of the lovely weather we’ve had? Here is my latest week in pictures..

Sunday was pure gluttony I have to admit and I take no responsibility for this!

My week in picturesThat’s right it’s the fault of  The Stable! I spent literally all afternoon drinking cider and eating pizza… although if everything wasn’t so tasty I wouldn’t have (told you it wasn’t my fault).

My week in picturesSunday was the perfect day for cider tasting given how lovely the day was. If you haven’t been here I can’t recommend it enough! If you are not sure what to have I’d recommend the Mango, Sheppys Raspberry or Black Rat Perry which are all quite fruity. With over 60 to choose from so you won’t struggle to find one to suit your tastes. There is a 5 plank taster which at £12 is a bargain (go for this).

Onto the food…

My week in picturesThat’s right I did make my own pizza! I’ve no idea why anyone would let me loose in a kitchen but The Stable did just this. I made The Blazzing Saddle and it tasted amazing if I do say so myself (extra jalapeños). Are you impressed that there’s not a burnt crust in sight? It’s worth mentioning that there are gluten free bases and vegan cheese available so the majority of requirements can be met.

My week in picturesI love the attention to detail in the bag I was given, Apple- cider 😉. I’m going back again at some point next week with a friend that’s how good it was!

So my mum has been on holiday and visited me in her way back home to the Shire with a treat!  

My week in picturesThe perfume is Gucci Guilty (which I already have and love) but this is the limited edition bottle. I’m a bit of a magpie so love things like this, my mum did well! Can you tell where my shopping habit came from?

I popped into town after work to pick up some Urban Decay bits for a friend in Wales.

My week in picturesIt’s a gorgeous collection but I know I wouldn’t use it so would be wasted on me. However I know my friend is going to love this to bits!

Later on I tried out my latest sheet mask that I found TKMaxx, I’m still impressed by some of the offerings in there.

My week in picturesIf you haven’t tried a sheet mask it’s a must try item item honestly. I love the printed ones like this just be make them fun. Your skin will thank you and will feel so hydrated afterwards.

In the week I shared my get ready with me photo…My week in pictures

I don’t use shadow everyday but when I do Makeup Geek palettes are the easiest as I’ve chosen all the colours. I am obsessed by Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess and have two backup bottles- just in case. Basically these are the things in front of me that I’ll use on an average day. I’d love to know if any of you use more or less than this?

Next up on Wednesday was an evening at a new bar called Be At One. I love cocktails as you may have noticed and this bar serves over 150 varieties!!

My week in picturesSo the top left is a Whisky Sour, the bottom left is a Amaretto Sour, the top right is a Rhys’s Pieces and I’ll be honest I can’t remember what the other two are….. My favourite has to be Rhys’s Pieces!


  • Peanut Butter Cup plus another to garnish
  • Bourbon
  • Sugar Syrup
  • Ice Cream

Add all the ingredients together with half a glass of ice and blend till its like a thick milkshake. Pour into a glass and enjoy (forget about the diet).

So Thursday was the Selfridges Beauty event in Birmingham, there is another at the beginning of June for anyone local to Manchester.

My week in picturesI started off with a lovely hand massage with Jo Malone, how amazing are all the products?! These are all on my wish list now….Then I went off to do a spot of shopping whilst sipping on my refreshing berry lemonade (just what I needed). I bought the last Mac blusher that I had been eyeing up from the Vibe Tribe collection.

My week in picturesMy review of the collection up now here, I also did a post on the Selfridges night here if you’d like to read a bit more about it.

After a hectic week I really needed to relax to I decided to make some comfort food and since a friend had asked for a recipe I went with this…

My week in picturesIt’s topped polenta but a vegan version, I don’t measure normally so had no idea of measurements when I was asked. However I do know now so I’ll share with you all, this can be topped with anything I just decided on a vegan friendly version. This makes 8 biscuit size patties.


  • 150g polenta
  • 180g chopped tomatoes
  • 1/4 pint of water

Season to taste, I used;

  • 1 teaspoon of dried chillies
  • 2 small crushed garlic cloves
  • Half a teaspoon of white pepper
  • A pinch of rock salt

Mix everything together really well and roll into balls. Flatten each one and place on a medium heat for roughly 5 minutes each side or until golden (I don’t use oil because my pans non-stick).
The topping can be anything you fancy.. On half my patties is minted green beans. The other half has avocado spread like butter topped with diced tomato, parsley, red onion, peppers and more avocado with some seasoning. 🍴

Saturday I popped over to the Bullring for some shopping and to see the EBay Shop Live event as I friend was presenting the show!

My week in picturesIt was really good fun to watch and one of the guest stars was Amy Childs. I’ll be posting a blog soon about this, I have a lot of time for eBay and love a bargain.

So there’s a few things I’m a self confessed addict over and some Twitter followers will know about this one…

My week in picturesCoffee!! I love coffee and I love my Nespresso (thank you mum), when you go to the shop they always offer you lots of new coffees to try and Italian biscuits. It’s really hard to not spend a lot of money in here. I actually walked away with three of everything pictured, I love the vanilla variation.

So there you go, that’s my latest week in pictures. This week I’ve got a cocktail class booked in and will be at a Q&A with the beauty editor for Glamour magazine so look out for tweets and pictures about those events.

Hope you all enjoyed this. Xxx

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  1. OH, OH… “Friend in Wales”, this is me!!! I live in the back of beyond now so may feature in this way in a few of your posts. Good job I love reading ALL OF THEM. Great job, yet again. Cider looks yummy, we have to go next time I visit xxx

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