My week in pictures including Garthmyl Hall 📷📸

How’s your week been everyone?

Mine has been quite calm and not hectic for a change. With a lovely Sunday spent in Wales at Garthmyl Hall which my lovely friend Julia has been renovating with her family.  Obviously I need supplies to get me through the journey from Birmingham in the form of coffee, sunglasses, lipbalm and hand cream!

Garthmyl HallOnce I arrived I was blown away by Garthmyl Hall

Garthmyl HallHow amazing does it look?!

Garthmyl HallI’ve already decided if I ever get married it needs to be here at Garthmyl Hall. Everything about this venue is so luxurious, if you are looking for a venue I can’t recommend this enough. It reminds me of the type of place you imagine you’d get married in when you were little except it’s real💕.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay very long so got some lunch before I had to catch my train.

Garthmyl HallIt would have been to easy to get a roast dinner so I settled on black pudding with a garlic foam which tasted absolutely delicious. I’m going to try this one day at home.

Back to reality with a bump on Monday I got my blog items ready for reviewing. My friend kindly got hold of these mascaras for me to try so keep your eye out for the review. (spoiler alert… I was surprised)

 Early on in the week my international swap arrived from a lovely lady called Louise that I mentioned last week.

I was thrilled with everything Louise put together for me, everything so really thoughtful and reflected what I’d asked for. The items that are wrapped are for my goddaughter, Ivy. I somehow managed to save some Cherry Ripes for my mum as well.

I had a real craving for comfort food this week with all the mixed weather we have had.

I decided to make polenta patties with marinaded steak topped with blue cheese…I was in carb induced heaven for a while afterwards. Polenta is a great alternative for coeliac stop use in cakes and bread as well. I’ve made a vegan variation of this dish before using avocado and roasted garlic beetroot which also tasted lovely.

This week turned out to be a good post week for me… My Sephora Give Me Some Nude Lip Arrived 💕, look out for the review coming very soon.

I was only meant to pop into Harvey Nichols but then I saw this amazing gift with purchase that is currently available.

Estee Lauder gift This is free with two purshases currently and is full of amazing beauty items. Be quick though as I think it will sell out quite fast.

My final post of the week was my VIP passes from Bloggers Parlour which I was really excited about.

 To round my week off I attended a bloggers event at The Body Shop.

The event was put together with Bloggers Parlour and I had a lovely morning that you’ll hear all about soon.

Hope you enjoyed my week in pictures and a peel at Garthmyl Hall? Have a great bank holiday everyone! Xxx

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  1. The place in Wales looks so beautiful and perfect. Your friend and her family are doing a great job with it!

    – Courtney

    1. The venue is out of this world beautiful honestly! 😉 I’ll make them tomorrow so I can actually weigh the ingredients (because I never do) and pop it on here for you. I love avocado too, I think it’s one of those you either love or hate…xxx

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