My Little Bubble Box review 🎈🎈🎈

My Little Bubble BoxΒ is the second late box out of the two- again I’m really sorry. I’ll make sure I check everywhere for the post from now on though! So this is the March My Little Box.

The theme is ‘Make it Pop’🎈.

My Little Bubble Box I had no idea what to expect from this theme to be honest!

First up the beauty items from My Little Bubble Box ..

My Little Bubble Box I can see how all of these fit with the ‘make it pop’ and My Little Bubble Box theme now I’ve opened it.

My Little Bubble Box The makeup blender is the first thing to catch my eye. I use a Beauty Blender every day so wondered how this would compare. Unfortunately it’s not like the original Beauty Blender however it is similar to drug store dupes I have tried so will happily use this to apply highlighter once my current highlighter blender is ready for the bin.

My Little Bubble Box Next up is a multi use tint. I really like the plain packaging on this but don’t usually use tints. I always think of Benefit when I see tints like this.

My Little Bubble Box Obviously you wouldn’t use as much as I’ve shown on the lower swatch, that’s just for an idea of colour. The top swatch is after I’ve rubbed it in fairly well. I’m pleasantly surprised and think I’ll take this on holiday to use over my BB cream for blush because I don’t like to wear too much makeup when I’m away. The tint leaves a really nice pop of colour. As a lip tint it doesn’t really work for me but I didn’t expect it too as my lips are quite pigmented.

Maybe I’ll think about other tints now…I even like that this smells quite sweet when you put it on-strange I know.

My Little Bubble Box Garancia is a French cult favourite or so I’ve read so I was curious what made it so popular.

My Little Bubble Box It’s a foam that goes creamy once massaged into your face. I tried using this instead of my cleansing water in the morning and have to admit my skin did feel quite nice afterwards. I hate to say it and agree with the hype but my skin did feel revived and fresher after using this- more so than usual. It has quite a clean smell but nothing overwhelming.

This has already got a place in my collection for days when I’m not using a morning mask. The price is €14.80 for this size.

My Little Bubble Box I have to start by saying how gorgeous is this Givency packaging πŸ’ž!? In the name of my blog I’ve tested this then put it in my bag to take on holiday to save taking a full size. The brush is tapered towards the end and this really makes the mascara go on beautifully. There are two different types of bristle that help grab your lashes as you apply as well. There was no clumping when I applied at all. Two coats was enough for a good amount of body and length to my lashes. My mascara lasted all day with no fall out or smudging which is a must for most of us.

The full size is Β£25 and I’d say it’s worth paying if you are in the market for a new mascara.

My Little Bubble Box Lastly the lifestyle item is a brush. It’s quite a useful extra as I’m forever loosing brushes so I’ve taken this to work to keep there. I’ve got really long hair so by the time I get there it looks like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards most days.

My Little Bubble Box Like every box a nice little magazine and information cards are included. I tend to put the magazine in my bag to read on the train as its a perfect bag size. There’s also a little ballon that says ‘be wild’ on it which is a little extra that fits nicely with the box.

I love March’s box and will use everything once again so it’s a hit with me again. Out of all my subscription boxes this is the one that is consistently great.

So My Little Box is Β£11 plus p&p or Β£10 plus p&p if it’s delivered to your work. If it’s your first box use FIRSTBOX for a discount.

What do you think to the contents of My Little Bubble Box?

Hope you are having a great day. Xxx

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