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My Little Box October Review

My Little Box October has a Brooklyn theme this month, with 734’000 visitors from France last year alone it’s extremely popular! This is a French beauty box remember…My Little Box OctoberThe first thing that caught my attention was nail treatment. My Little Box OctoberThis is affordable at £7 although for now is only available in France. This treatment smells slightly like orange but that goes quite quickly. You literally just dab on your nails nails and rub in twice a week to give them some TLC. Winter plays havoc with nails so I will be trying this out soon.My Little Box OctoberDespite the picture the duo pins confused me for a second I have to admit…I thought they were earrings! These are collar studs- or pins it turns out, to use anywhere you’d like to jazz up. I really want to try these out on a shirt but the pin is quite thick so will cause a hole. I’m thinking I’ll use them on a knitted jumper instead to avoid any unwanted holes.

The doughnut pin is super cute and would look great on a jeans pocket but I’m not sure if it’s for me. However these will likely appeal to quite a lot of people. They are quite fun and quirky so I’m sure I’ll find a home for the doughnut.Unfortunately My Dolce Vita Box had this La Fille De L’Aire by Courrèges in it which wasn’t very long ago. I took it on holiday with me and wasn’t really a fan to be honest so won’t be using this one. That said anyone that loved it might be happy to see it again. Personally I don’t like seeing repeats so close together. My Little Box OctoberBy Terry have featured in My Little Box before which was just over a year ago I think. However it was a black eyeliner with gold shimmer so a different colour. I found the shimmer dropped in my contacts with the previous one (not cool).

Because of past experiences I’ve not tried another By Terry eyeliner…till this came along that is! I’ll start by saying as you can see it’s extremely pigmented and really easy to apply. It goes on really smoothly without pulling at the eyelid. It does say it’s waterproof and it’s not joking, it’s completely smudge-proof as well as waterproof. I rubbed the swatch and it looked the same with no smudging. This only came off once I got the makeup remover out. It is a full sized liner so the RRP is £24. My Little Box OctoberNow I admittedly am a major coffee addict so these were my favourite bits from My Little Box October. There’s a dusting leaf stencil and a tin coffee cup that says ‘Coffee Made Me Do It’. My Little Box OctoberI’ve used both a number of times and even though I have plenty of mugs I made sure this mug had space in the cupboard as well. My Little Box October

What do I think of My Little Box October….it’s hit and miss for me I’m afraid. The mug and By Terry eyeliner saved this months box for me just about. I did feedback to My Little Box about a repeat item only a few months apart and they replied to say they’ve taken my comments on board. Hopefully it’s just a blip. So what do you think? Would you have been thrilled or a bit so-so about this box?

My Little Box is £11 plus p&p or £10 plus p&p if it’s delivered to your work. If it’s your first box use FIRSTBOX for a discount.


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