My Little Box Friends review

My Little Box Friends was for me a useful box generally. Upon opening the box there was the usual card about girl power and on the reverse a bit about how My Little Box started. The regular magazine was also included which I enjoyed flicking through on the way to work. My Little box Friends Summer Lips was the first thing that I pulled out of the bag. This is an in house brand from My Little Box and is priced at £12.My Little box Friends My Little Box FriendsThere is a typo so I’m not sure if it’s SPF20 or SPF15 as the product says one and the card says another. Either way it’s got SFP in it though. Summer lips is a semi sheer coral balm and perfect for a daytime look and to take on holiday. I’m loving the adorable flamingos on the packaging- I’m a sucker for cute packaging!

My Little box Friends Next from the My Little Box Friends I pulled out this clip-on fisheye phone lens that’s always handy as a blogger. This is another in house item and is priced at £12.

My Little box Friends The top picture is taken without the lense and the bottom is with a lense (so you can what it looks like). The beach scarf was an extra with a code I used. Its quite cute with pineapples all over it and a really good size.

Batiste is not normally a brand I use if I’m honest as my hair is too dark for regular dry shampoo and the brown means I get it on my hands whenever I touch my hair.

I genuinely had no idea they did hairspray though and I love it! It’s meant to be invisible hold and it is so I’m sold on this. When I brushed my hair I didn’t even seen though pesky tiny bits you’d normally see after using a hairspray. 400ml  is £4.49 and this is a 75ml travel size.

My Little box Friends Kadalys is a brand I’ve heard of but not tried previously. There is a discount code for 30% but the irritating thing is that it can only be used on the official site. For those of us in the U.K. that means paying €15 then €8 tax and postage if we wanted another of these creams.

I will use this cream as I get through moisturiser like nobody’s business but I’m not sure I’m a fan of the smell. It reminds me of those foam banana sweets…

There was another lifestyle item My Little Box Friends which is this colourful nail kit. It’s priced at £7.50 and quite useful to pop in your bag. For some reason I loose nail files as often as I loose hair bobbles.. Hopefully I’ll get to try it out before it departs to the Bermuda Triangle for bobbles and nail files ! My Little box Friends

My Little box Friends Now I  have to own up…there was some Proper Corn popcorn but I ate it too quick! I love popcorn so just couldn’t control myself. I love the makeup printed bag that was included in this box as well.

Overall I think it’s a good and useful box. My favourite item is the hairspray purely because if it hadn’t of been in this box I would never have tried it and it’s fantastic.

My Little Box is £11 plus p&p or £10 plus p&p if it’s delivered to your work. If it’s your first box use FIRSTBOX for a discount.

What do you think of My Little Box Friends? What scents do you love or dislike in skincare?


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