My Dolce Vita review from My Little Box 

This months Dolce Vita My Little Box is perfect for summer and any holidays you are going on!

Dolce Vita My Little Box I am actually going to Barcelona this week so this box is perfect for me…. (I wish it said Barcelona instead of Rome haha).

So what was in this months box? Well it’s stuffed as per usual!

Dolce Vita My Little Box So I’ll start with the lifestyle items first. There is a bright floral type turban headband included priced at £11. This is not something I’d normally use if I’m honest, however I will use this when taking my makeup off or round the pool to keep my hair off my face. I do think this is a useful item to include and I’m sure a lot of people will love this print and wear to add colour to an outfit.

The next lifestyle item is a gold leaf ring. I really do love this, it’s easy to make it slightly bigger or smaller due to the design and it’s already in my bag of accessories to take away with me! This is priced at £12 on the My Little Box site.

Moving onto the beauty items next..

Dolce Vita My Little Box  As you can see colour is a running theme in this box which makes it all the more summery.

Dolce Vita My Little Box I do love a nice body oil and this does not disappoint at all. The RRP listed for 50ml is £12.60, this is 30ml so a generous size for a beauty box. There is a voucher for 20% off the Baija brand included as well. This particular oil is green tea and jasmine as you can see and it smells exactly like that so its not too overwhelming. It does sink in really fast which is a bonus for impatient people like myself. My usual time to use an oil is straight after showering to lock in moisture but it can also be used as a bath oil. I’ll be taking this on holiday with me to use after my evening shower.

Dolce Vita My Little Box Moving on to the next item included which is La Fille De L’Aire by Courrèges which is worth £55 for 50ml. This is 8.5ml which is ideal for a holiday or your handbag and is also now in my liquids bag to take away. I do like that there is a little stopper to stop you accidentally spraying if it’s in your bag (I have done that before). To me I think the scent is quite citrus like, if you’ve had this box what do you think?

Dolce Vita My Little Box The final item is moisture lotion with a RRP of £8, this is discribed as an illuminating moisturiser for you legs (sure it will be fine on your arms too…).

Dolce Vita My Little Box It’s not obvious until you read the tiny print on the back that this is a gradual tanner which I of course love being a fake tan addict!  It has a gel consistency which feels amazing when used and is quite cooling. The scent is quite fruity a bit like apricots maybe. I now have a slight tint on my hand as I applied generously for the picture as you can see. For a gradual tanner this is a great take away size.

Dolce Vita My Little Box As usual there is a handbag size magazine, illustrated card and drawstring bag. Honestly I love these bags and they are so handy! The magazine this month contains some top fake tan tips, information about products, pastascope and recipes. That was not a typo I really did mean to type pastascope!

So what do you think of Dolce Vita My Little Box ? Are you tempted?

As mentioned before My Little Box is £11 plus p&p or £10 plus p&p if it’s delivered to your work. If it’s your first box use FIRSTBOX for a discount. You can find my previous My Little Box reviews here and here.

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