My Christmas wish list

Although this says Christmas wish list, this is actually my Christmas wish list and birthday wish list (it’s on New Years Eve). It’s also full of things I’ll be buying for close friends as I’ve noticed a few of us tend to have similar taste.

Christmas wish list
Left to right, top to bottom; Robe- Topshop £32, Pyjamas- Next £26, Textured Top- Next £22, Lounge Leggings- Next £12 and Stirrup Leggings- Next £18,
Winter is all about comfortable lounge wear and my go to is usually Next as you can see. I find the prices really reasonable especially considering the quality. Normally I buy a few pieces like the ones above  and get some under the Christmas tree (my mum knows I love them). I have not had anything from Next yet that does not wash and wear well. The leggings from Next that are £12 I know will be under the tree as I bought them myself! If you like these I recommend buying them quickly as they keep going in and out of stock so are proving popular.

The Topshop hooded robe I spotted in store and it’s so cosy! There is also a ‘Not A Morning Person’ slogan across the back in navy which is exactly me….I know a few people that this would be great for.

Christmas wish list
Left to right, top to bottom; Microwave Bean Penguin- New Look £10.99, Cable Socks- Accessorize £12, Grey Cushion- Next £12, Zoella Cushion- Boots £12, Basket- H and M £7.99, Throw- Next £40 and Candle Set- Boots £16
Carrying on the comfort theme in my Christmas wish list. I use my current (three) microwave hotties on a regular basis and two could do with retiring… This penguin hottie is cute and only £10.99! Cable socks are great to pair with leggings or skinny jeans for lounging or inside wellingtons. I am a nester at heart so I think these cushions are great to add to a bed or sofa for a cosy feel as is the Next throw. This storage basket is perfect for storing throws and is neutral so will go with any décor.

Christmas wish list
Left to right, top to bottom; Oak Lily- Mulberry £895, Olivia Burton Watch- Selfridges £70, Bangle- Oliver Bonas £19.50, Wrap Ring- Oliver Bonas £19, Card Holder- Oliver Bonas £10 and Vivienne Westwood bag- Harvey Nichols £325
Last year I was lucky enough to get a large Mulberry Willow which I absolutely adore. This year I am thinking of buying myself the Lily in Oak as a Christmas and birthday present- I am still thinking about it. I love Mulberry bags as they wear really well and generally tend to be classics. I do know they are not in everyone’s price range and my other favourite bag is from Zara so I highly recommend looking there as well.

Olivia Burton I think is a brand that will be very popular this Christmas. These watches are relatively affordable and I think there was a gap in the market for nice watches around the £100 price range.

Now Oliver Bonas is my go to shop for gifts. They have a gorgeous range of products from jewellery to bags and kitchen accessorises. This card holder is only £10 so will not break the bank yet would make a lovely present.

Vivienne Westwood isn’t a brand I usually look at because I don’t have a quirky sense of style but this bag is gorgeous. I wouldn’t associate this style with Vivienne Westwood so in future I will check out this brand a bit more. It’s the Balmoral in a blush leather, priced at £325 its cheaper than a Mulberry Lily so I may get this one instead. I’ll let you know which I end up going for.


Christmas wish list
Left to right, top to bottom; Beauty Blender Set- Selfridges £27.50, Seche Vite- John Lewis £10.95, Invisibobles- LookFantastic £3.75, Tangle Teezer- LookFantastic £12.25 and Estee Lauder Micro Essence- House of Frasier £48
My most used makeup tool is a Beauty Blender without a shadow of a doubt. Its a cult product for a reason and that is because of a flawless finish it leaves you with. One Beauty Blender is £16, for an extra £11.50 you get another Beauty Blender (a pro), mini Beauty Blender, Blotterazzi and cleanser. Its a steal and perfect for any makeup addict.

Seche Vite is something I couldn’t be without as someone that is always rushing. It dries your nails in about 60 seconds so I can get 3 layers of polish done and dry in about 5 minutes. Its a miracle worker in my eyes- perfect for party season. This is available at a lot of retails such as Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, Selfridges and Boots. It’s usually priced at around £9 for 14ml, currently at Boots it is in a three for two offer.

I actually bought a new Tangle Teezer and left it behind somewhere so I am hoping this is under the tree this year. Invisibobles and a Tangle Teezer help minimise breakages as both are kinder to your hair than the alternatives. Both of these like Seche Vite are available are numerous retailers.

Estee Lauder Micro Essence is really new to me and I have only tried it once. However after reading some reviews I’d love to try this out properly. If Santa doesn’t have this for me I’ll be buying it in the new year so I’ll let you know how I get on.

What do you think to my Christmas wish list? Is there anything here that you would love to find under the tree?

Make sure you check my Instagram to find out how you can win this gorgeous set this afternoon. I am doing a giveaway for the first 12 days of December. Good luck everyone xxx

14 thoughts on “My Christmas wish list

    1. Of course! They are literally my favourite makeup tool! I e yet to find someone that doesn’t like them after trying ☺️. Xx

  1. I love the handbags you chose! I’d kill for a Mulberry bag… maybe once I get some savings down next year I will treat myself. I also really like the Zoella candles. I burnt through My Eden this autumn and it was one of my faves. Definitely have the others on my list to buy!

    Aisling | anthologie.

    1. They really do last well, the Willow from last year has no signs of being used constantly! The Zoella sets are so cute this year, I already have the backpack set so these are a bonus xx

    1. I’d say I’m sorry but I’m not… I love enabling. I’m not a good person to take shopping as I’ll normally say get it if asked. Like I’m going to say treat yourself to some things on your list 😉. The pj’s are so comfortable, I highly recommend them. Xx

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