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May Pink Parcel 💕 and what was included

So this post is about a practical parcel I’m sure most of you have heard of. It’s May Pink Parcel, they send a box of your chosen sanitary items along with some treats to make our lives that bit easier.

May Pink Parcel It tends to be jam packed full of things So much so once I unsealed I struggled to get it closed again!

So what arrived in May..?

May Pink Parcel I did say May Pink Parcel was full didn’t I! So what is everything…?

May Pink Parcel Starting off with the edible goodies, there was (because I’ve eaten them now) a honeycomb crunch chocolate which tasted amazing! As well as a raspberry and white chocolate fudge square, it was extremely sweet which I adored with the cup of flavoured tea that was also included.

May Pink Parcel Really happy with this selection, they always include tea and sweet treats in every box which is a great idea.

Next up, the beauty products…

May Pink Parcel So there is a Lottie shadow brush and let’s be honest you can never have enough brushes, bonus points for being my favourite colour- coral. There were a selection of I think four different brushes that I could have got in May Pink Parcel.

May Pink Parcel It’s gorgeous isn’t it?! RRP £4.99 from Superdrug and is also sold through ASOS.

I quite like getting travel size products as they are great for taking away on holiday or overnight stays. Unfortunately I don’t really get on with Simple products on my face but I’ll still use it to remove swatches so it’s still handy. RRP £1.29 and is on 3 for 2 at Boots right now.

May Pink Parcel Onto the freshening wipes..I wouldn’t normally buy these for everyday use but I am going on holiday in three weeks so I will be taking these with me. Let’s be honest it’s always nice to freshen up when you’ve been on a plane for hours or in a really hot country. RRP £1.50 and you can get these from Superdrug, Boots or a number of other stockists.

May Pink Parcel I had never tried a sleep balm before and I’m now sold on the idea. The scent isn’t overwhelmingly strong for anyone that isn’t a fan of overpowering smells. It’s quite a subtle and relaxing lavender balm that I applied to my lips and pulse points. The bergamot scent is there but it’s a background scent. I’ve no idea if it’s meant to be but I found it quite cooling on my pulse points as well. RRP varies greatly but it’s widely available for about £4.99.

I think the True Brit nail varnish came in a few different colours but I’m more than happy about getting the grey as its a very wearable shade for me. I’ve only tested it on one nail but quite liked it because I have been trying out my Mac varnishes for another post. RRP £12.50 there’s a wide selection here.

May Pink Parcel I am not a huge fan of sticky gloss type products so this isn’t for me. Whilst it does look like a nice product and it does plump I have long hair that tends to get in my face so sticky gloss is a no no. It won’t go to waste though as I’ll pass it on to my sister. RRP is around £12.99.

On top of all of that sanitary items are also included and a small pouch with extras for your bag which is handy to throw in there in case you get caught out.

There is an introductory price of £9.95 at the moment which includes postage. The regular price has actually just dropped to £12.99 which I think is partly due to the tampon tax being scrapped (rightly so too). Sign up here to get one of these boxes or to go see spoilers.

What do you think of May Pink Parcel and sanitary subscription boxes? Xxx

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  1. Oooh great review, I’ve been considering subscribing to Pink Parcel for a while now! Do you think it is good value for money? 🙂

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