May Blogger Box review and unboxing

You may have seen my previous Blogger Box posts but if you haven’t in a nutshell it’s a beauty box for bloggers that costs £10 including postage. This box usually introduces me to brands I have not tried before and May Blogger Box delivers once again on this front.

May Blogger Box Let’s start with my favourite product from the May Blogger Box which is from Puriskin.

May Blogger Box Nurse Aid Cream costs £12.99 from Scent Store and it’s well worth it. It’s paraben and lanolin free, suitable for vegetarians, cruelty free and ethically made.

I do have dry hands so moisturise a lot (and I mean a lot). This is really nourishing without being greasy which is something I don’t like about a lot of good barrier moisturisers. It’s also naturally active with an antibacterial and antiviral blend of healing botanicals so great for the majority of hands. The scent isn’t overly strong which is a plus point for me. May Blogger Box Merumaya is a relatively new brand to me but so far I really like it. So this is a beauty oil which has multiple uses such as:

  • Face- follow after night cream or add a drop to your day cream.
  • Body- use directly on dry areas or mix in your usual moisturiser.
  • Scalp- massage in dry scalp and leave overnight.
  • Hair- tiniest amount to smooth frizz or flyaways.
  • Cuticles- massage in and leave.
  • Lashes & Brows- use a tiny amount avoiding your eyes.

Beauty Oil is £28.50 for 50ml trust me a little goes a long way. It contains kahai oil which is better than argan oil! This product sinks in really quickly without leaving your skin feeling oily. If you are looking for an oil I’d say try this one out.
Veeda products are free of chemicals and synthetics and 100% natural. Prices start at £1.85 for a box of 16. I can’t actually say how I find either of the sanitary products to use as I currently don’t need them. However do like the fact that they are all natural and are priced so competitively.May Blogger Box Richard Ward is a brand I’ve seen in Waitrose priced at £6.99 for this particular hair mask. It’s meant to be rejuvenating and moisturising for your hair. I put it through the mid- lengths to the ends of my hair and left for five minutes (leg shaving time). After drying my hair it did feel lovely so at £6.99 it’s certainly worth trying out.
May Blogger Box I do have really dark hair as you may have noticed from my picture. This Hair Experts root touch-up is for blonde hair…so I tried it on a friend instead.

I applied to her roots with the thicker end of the brush as it is slighter stiffer and I found the product quite hard to pick up. It did look good once applied but disappeared as soon as my friend touched her hair unfortunately. It’s small enough to carry around so you can touch up. I’m not completely sold on this product but if you don’t touch your hair much it may work for you. It’s £6 and is available from Boots.

May Blogger Box So all in all it’s another good box from Vix Meldrew. I absolutely love the Puriskin moisturiser and will use the Merumaya and hair mask more than happily.

Overall I really like May Blogger Box. If you are a beauty blogger I highly recommend signing up.


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        1. Without a doubt for me. It isn’t mass produced though like those boxes. So a previous box had MUG blush, 1001 Remedies, Witch primer, Merumaya, TOTM and some foundation darkening drops. The whole box is £10 including postage so you can’t go wrong. Usually everything is full sized, sometimes a deluxe sample is included. The close for the next one is this week I think. Xx

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