Mac Trolls collection including Sushi Kiss. 

So as a child that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s I can remember Trolls very well with their strange belly buttons and funky hair! Clearly I was intrigued by a Mac Trolls collection.

Mac TrollsThis Mac Trolls collection really appealed to me purely based on the fact that I used to collect Trolls, my favourite being one with flashing eyes…

So moving onto the collection that Mac has brought out to coincide with the film release at the end of the year.

Mac TrollsIt is a really fun collection but how practical is it exactly for the average makeup user? Well for me personally most is not that wearable although if you like a pop of colour and flurry of glitter you’ll love it.

Mac TrollsStarting off with the lipsticks, three have really good colour payoff while Can’t Be Tamed is a lustre and has a sheer finish. Midnight Troll is a matte bold blue and if I was in the market for a blue lipstick I would go for this one based on the payoff. Sushi Kiss isn’t exclusive to this collection but I love coral/ orange shades so of course bought it. It’s a satin finish with quite good staying power of a few hours. Dance Off Pants Off is a frost but still has great pigmentation. If I was a pink kind of girl I would have been tempted by this one too. Can’t Be Tamed would just make me look ill as its a glittery sheer green although saying that it would be great for a Halloween look or maybe layered.

All of these are priced at £17 each.

Mac Trolls Now lipgloss items are not really my thing generally although I do have a select few that I love such as my Gerard Cosmetics gloss.

All of these are sticky lipglosses- I hope that makes sense..? Saint Germain is quite pigmented while the other three are quite sheer but would potentially look great over a matte lipstick if you like a gloss or a bit of glitter in your life.

These are priced at £16.50 each.

Mac TrollsI was actually really tempted to get Mac Trolls Paradisco but it reminded me of the Vibe Tribe Summer Sun pan from the quad so I restrained myself. The best colour payoff came from Paradisco and Suns Out, Buns Out. Suns Out, Buns Out did apply really smoothly so I would recommend this is you’re tempted. Atlantic Blue and Black Tied may work better with a primer but I didn’t use a primer for swatches and wasn’t overly impressed. I found Black Tied to be quite chalky and not very consistent to swatch. Silly Vanilly would work for highlighting but again I have very similar shades to this already. Overall I wasn’t thrilled by these unfortunately and I really wanted to be. Each of these are £14.

Mac TrollsMoving onto the Mac Trolls loose pigments… Starting with Fuchsia, this is literally loose purple glitter and it’s not that fine so not something for the faint hearted. It will need a really good glitter glue to make this one work and stay put. Purple Duo is actually blue…it has a faint blue loose shadow with fine blue glitter. I can see some people really rocking this and it looking really good I just won’t be that person. Teal is my favourite out of all of these, it’s super pigmented and super fine glitter that’s more like shimmer. This applied like a dream even without a primer or glitter glue. This is the most wearable out of all these pigments in terms of colours for me personally. Lastly is Chartreuse, this is the smoothest to apply and is the finest out of all the loose pigments. It’s almost a golden lime colour and I can’t wait to see someone wearing this. This swatch stayed on my arm for the afternoon again without using any primers so it clearly has great staying power!

These are £17.50 for each one.

Mac TrollsMy last swatches are the finishing powders. Now these are the things the usually sell out crazy fast and Mac normally has the formulation spot on.

Unfortunately that’s not the case this time round unless the two I tried were one offs. Both of these had hardly any colour payoff on me and both were really hard and chalky. For the swatches I had to really work the product to get some colour payoff so as much as wanted both of these I didn’t end up getting either. I’m really surprised as in most collections the beauty powders are normally the items that are the must haves. If you do get either of these I’d say they are suited to pale skin as this is literally about seven layered swatches of each on me. Both are £24 each.

I didn’t try the two coloured hair sprays- sorry to disappoint but there are two different colours if you are in the market for these. One is a baby pink and one is a blue. Both are priced at £17 each. Lastly there’s a duo fibre brush priced at £38 which I find a bit steep for Mac although I did really want to buy it I can’t lie!

Mac TrollsHere is my gorgeous Sushi Kiss with some Trolls I managed to dig out.

So overall the names are really fun so well done Mac on thinking them up! However generally speaking this Mac Trolls collection isn’t for me and the formulation isn’t consistent throughout. The packaging is great and really appeals to my inner child so I’m happy I bought what I did.

Did you buy anything or are you thinking about it?

Have a great day everyone xxx

9 thoughts on “Mac Trolls collection including Sushi Kiss. 

  1. I love the fact you still have trolls ha ha this collection is definitely a bit of fun! I didn’t rush to buy anything though one reason being I don’t really do bold colours and the packaging didn’t grab me! Great post lovely xo

      1. Omg polly pocket!! I loved that! Ha ha, you never know, look at Pokemon now lol! Yeah I’m normally a Big Mac lover but haven’t been tempted by anything from the recent collections, very unlike me lol xo

        1. The original ones not these massive Polly Pockets that don’t fit in your pocket! Could you imagine a Pokemon collection?! Well Star T will be out soon and there’s always plenty of collections to be tempted by..xx

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