Long Hair Problems & Issues

If you have hair that is past your shoulders you’ll likely understand all if not most of these long hair problems..

Long Hair Problems

Long hair problems…

  • Lipgloss is not your friend! As soon as you step outside your lips become like a magnet for your hair. Matte lipstick was made for us long haired girls.
  • Your conditioner will always run out before your shampoo.
  • Long hair is like a weapon, it has a life of its own and will whip people in the face.
  • You’ll be enjoying your drink and then notice your hair has also taken a fancy to it. Yep that’s right, your hair has been dipped in said beverage.
  • Necklaces are actually fabulous for hair removal. When you go to take off a necklace it’s now somehow attached to your hair at the back.
  • Anything with a zip is potentially going to rip out a chunk of hair.
  • Who needs arm day at the gym when you have long hair? All that hair takes an age to style and you’ll be doing this with your arms stretched out for at least an hour. If you are like me you’ll actually take a break as well.
  • Any towel except a bath towel (those super massive ones) will leave hair sticking out the end when you try putting it in a turban after a shower. Those turban towels so not work at all!
  • It will get stuck under your handbag constantly.
  • Your plug looks like a small furry animal died on top of it. This is normal for hair to shed by the way, it is just more noticeable when your hair is long.
  • If you put your wet hair in a bun by the end of the day it will still be wet on the inside.
  • When it’s windy your hair will get trapped in the car door.
  • Hairdressers suddenly think half an inch means two and you think you now have a one else actually notices it has been cut though.
  • In the winter your hair is like a birds nest at the back where your coat rubs it. Tangle Teezer is my best friend when this happens.

Would I have it any other way? No I love having long hair and wouldn’t want to cut it off any time soon. Do you have any other long hair problems I have forgotten about?

I have actually just got an Aquis towel to try out so I hope his speeds up getting ready. Has anyone else used one before?Long Hair Problems

4 thoughts on “Long Hair Problems & Issues

  1. Random but hair getting caught under your armpit! I remember thos happenening when my hor was really long. It’s wuite shoet now but because it’s really curly it still take ages to style so I know how the arm ache feels believe me. Havent tried the towel but would be interested to know how it goes!

    Amina xx

  2. I get that with the hair getting caught under your arm, especially in bed and you suddenly freak out think it’s a spider or some insect climbing up you (I have an active imagination).
    I have an aquis turbi towel (the long one) and now I wouldn’t be without it. There is no going back!

    1. So glad I’m not the only one! I will freak thinking it’s a bug…no no just my own hair! I’ve been loving the long towel too, wish I’d found it sooner. Xx

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