Little Bit Lavish Sweet Dreams

Little Bit Lavish Sweet Dreams was the October box and it is yet another fabulous box!

This months box is all about relaxing and getting the perfect nights sleep.Little Bit Lavish Sweet Dreams Start by running yourself a bath and using a handful of bath salts such as Bloomtown Botanicals. The Little Bit Lavish Sweet Dreams box has got the Bloomtown Botanicals Rose Garden bath salts in it which smell heavenly. These are made with Himalayan salt and almond oil as well as Vitamin E. They are also free from palm oil, sulphates, SLSs, parabens, animal product and detergents.

The RRP for this size which is 2.3oz is £3.50, I personally think that’s a reasonable price to pay.Little Bit Lavish Sweet Dreams Next you should boil the kettle and have a relaxing hot drink such as a Clipper Snore and Peace infusion. Snore and Peace are an infusion of chamomile, lemon balm and lavender, lavender always makes me relax.

A box of 20 is around £1.99 and are available at most supermarkets. Little Bit Lavish Sweet Dreams Spray a pillow mist over your pillow and linen such as the one I’ve got here. Tisserand fits perfectly into Little Bit Lavish Sweet Dreams this month as this pillow spray is also called Sweet Dreams. The pillow mist is a relaxing blend of lavender, sandalwood and jasmine pure essential oils. I love a nice relaxing pillow spray so will certainly be using this on a regular basis.

The RRP of Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist is £13 which is cheaper than a previous brand I was using. I’d say when looking for a pillow spray good ingredients are a must.Little Bit Lavish Sweet Dreams Hopfully by now you should be feeling well and truly relaxed? Sleep balms are something I love as they are great to take away if you struggle to sleep away from home like I do. This particular balm is by Kiss The Moon which is completely new to me. The way I use a sleep balm is to apply to my pulse points on my wrists and temple. Dream After Dark Balm is 100% natural and made of lavender, shea, white tea seed oil and further essential oils. The most dominant scent is lavender but it is still subtle.

The RRP for this size is £4 and a full size s £12. I’ve already been on the website to make a wish list! Little Bit Lavish Sweet Dreams You of course will not feel very relaxed if you’ve not taken care of your skin before bed will you? This is where Siskyn Frankincense and Jasmine Night Oil come in to help. One to two pumps are needed, then massage or press over your face. This oil is delicate to be used on the eye area but do avoid your actual eyes please… Amongst the ingredients there is rosehip to increase collagen production, calendula to help even skin tone and baobab for skin maintenance. The strongest note I can smell is frankincense which is quite a woody scent.

The RRP for Siskyn Frankincense and Jasmine Night Oil is £32 which is a competitive price for a facial oil from what I have seen.Little Bit Lavish Sweet Dreams Lastly apply a silk eye mask such as this Jasmine Silk eye mask. Most of us have heard or read that silk masks and bedding is the best material for our skin but why is that? The natural amino acids present in the silk are believed to be beneficial for the skin. I for one am happy to indulge in wearing this on the off chance.

The RRP for this Jasmine Silk eye mask is £11 which isn’t far off other silk eye masks that I have seen. Its actually a bit cheaper that a few such as one I saw on the weekend for £35!Little Bit Lavish Sweet Dreams

So that is how to get your perfect nights sleep. Thanks to the Little Bit Lavish Sweet Dreams box there will be a fair few of us sleeping soundly this month.

I can’t believe that this whole box costs only £20 which includes postage in the UK. Each box has 5 to 7 items in it. One will be a lifestyle item and one will be a edible or drinkable item. If you would like to sign up you can use LAVISHTAN to get 10% off.

What did you think to the Little Bit Lavish Sweet Dreams box? I can’t believe there is over £60 worth of items in this months. Something I really do love is the themes that really do carry through each box. Any guesses what next month is?


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